3 Data Analytics Trends to Simplify Complex Trading

Banking CIO Outlook | Thursday, November 28, 2019

The complexity of modern trading platforms can be addressed via sound data analytics solutions.

FREMONT, CA: The complex world of trading is undergoing some transformations that can enable simpler and smarter operations in the capital markets. The traditional methods were relatively effective in the past, but with evolving technologies and evolving market landscape, they are quickly losing relevance. Currently, technology-backed operations are replacing the legacy models, and data analytics solution is essential incorporation in this regard. The advanced data analytics solution can invaluably contribute to the relevance of the existing trading platforms. Technology vendors are offering a vast array of data analytics solutions designed exclusively for capital market firms. Such solutions offer effective means to process trading data and extract information that can boost revenues.

Price Analytics Solutions

Cost Analytics is an important aspect of trading. Coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, cost analytics solutions are making cost analysis extremely precise, meaningful for traders. Such solutions can access a wide range of data from global databases. By accumulating data from the sources, the analytics engines offer intelligence that assists traders make smart investment decisions. The cost analytics solutions are effective during, before, as well as after the trade.

Predictive Capabilities

Behavioral analytics aids intelligent trading by enabling capital market firms to gain a better view of market and investor sentiments. With data mining abilities, analytics solutions can gauge frequent changes in the financial markets and spot key indicators like sentiment ratios and bullish percentage. Using behavioral analytics capabilities, investors can also predict market trends with better accuracy and make sound investment decisions.

Risk Mitigation

Data analytics solutions are improving the capabilities of capital market firms to inspect and predict operational risks. Exposure to risk is inevitable for financial trading companies. With risk analytics capabilities, trading companies can mitigate risks resulting from external frauds or human errors. The analytics solutions combined with ML and AI can be extremely useful in lowering the risk factor in capital markets.

Together, the above analytics capabilities offer an overall cover to capital market firms eyeing streamlined, intelligent, and profitable trading.

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