3 Advantages that Predictive Analytics Brings to Bankers

Banking CIO Outlook | Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Predictive analytics is allowing banks to extract useful data-driven insights with immense business value.

FREMONT, CA: Predictive analytics is being leveraged by the organizations to unravel complex, unrecognized patterns that can be of immense business value. The banking sector is not alien to the technology either. Predictive analytics systems are being used by financial institutions to anticipate the future and make the right decisions. Predictive analytics can contribute to a range of banking practices, including customer analytics, automation, credit scores, and trading insights. Here are some ways in which predictive analytics can contribute to the aforementioned banking processes.

Automation of Banking Processes

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As mentioned earlier, advanced analytics can offer critical business insights to businesses. Such insights can allow the banks to recognize the banking applications that will gain significantly from automation. Analytics-driven automation can balance the cost of automation with huge returns in the long run. Further artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance the efficiency of the predictive analytics capabilities of a financial institution. The ability of AI to connect unrelated banking aspects and extract relevant insights from them makes it a useful contributor in predictive analytics capability. Thus, based on AI-driven predictive insights, banks will be able to make better decisions over which of their legacy systems need to be automated.

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Customer Data Insights

Customer analytics is an essential aspect of any business. As in sales and marketing, customer analytics can be used in banking to analyze customer behavior and preferences. For instance, customer spending patterns, time spent on banking websites, email interactions with the banks, shopping behaviors, credit scores, and other such data can be analyzed to understand customer requirements and serve them accordingly. Moreover, customized banking services based on user preferences can be easily integrated into the various devices used by the customers, thereby improving the overall customer experience.

Trading Intelligence

Predictive analytics can be easily deployed by a financial institution to enhance its trading intelligence. Prescriptive analytics offers further advancement in this regard as it recommends the next best course of action to the banking leaders. The analytics solution recommends the action with the highest likelihood of success.

Predictive analytics can offer invaluable advantages to the banking institutions who are eyeing to capitalize on emerging trends to reap long-term benefits.

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