Misys: Next-Gen Retail Banking

Nadeem Syed, CEO, MisysNadeem Syed, CEO
At Misys, innovation delivers solutions for challenges and helps in connecting and integrating financial systems in a new way to deliver results for customers. In today’s highly competitive banking sphere, a retail banking solution with high returns and low risks will decide the market leaders. Misys offers one such powerful banking solution, the Fusion Banking Essence that has been instrumental in carving a niche for the company amid competitors and thrive as a prosperous financial banking force.
With retail banking forming the biggest chunk of a bank’s exposure, Misys solutions’ FusionBanking, FusionCapital, FusionRisk and FusionInvest have comprehensively succeeded in knocking at the future with a more decisive plan of transformation and best customer experience for its clients to be successful.

“We have developed a set of innovative, integrated solutions that drive performance and profits for our clients,” says Nadeem Syed, CEO of Misys. True to that, a depth of data knowledge in the financial industry as well as proficiency in technology has helped Misys in shifting the focus from the traditional product-centric banking methodology to a more customer-centric one. Misys’ Fusion Banking Essence, along with Misys Fusion Banking Digital, a comprehensive digital banking suite together enables this smooth transition for banks. Misys with its strategy focused on customers coupled with a robust architecture and idea of innovation will be more flexible and adaptable for the longer run.