Matrix-Exzac: Strategy, Technology and Complete Managed Services to Thwart Financial Crime, Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Renan Levy, CEO, Matrix ExzacRenan Levy, CEO
With increasing regulatory pressure and overwhelming fines for compliance failures, banks and financial institutions have elevated their allocations of attention, priority and budget to implementing the processes and technology necessary to meet mandatory requirements. At this juncture, forward-thinking organizations are looking for viable partners that can provide technical assistance to effectively address the challenges around compliance, risk and security management. Jersey City, NJ based Matrix-Exzac is one such company that assists financial services institutions in meeting regulatory compliance requirements and defending against fraud risks. “We are a global company providing both strategic operational consulting and IT services to the financial services industry in the areas of risk management, compliance, and surveillance,” says Renan Levy, CEO, Matrix-Exzac.

Having a decade of expertise in delivering technology and business solutions to the finance industry, Levy says, “The banks are under immense pressure to build new systems and processes to prevent fraud, cyber-crime and meet regulatory demands.” According to him, building those systems and processes are fairly complicated, requiring a high level of integration with internal and external data sources and existing applications within an institution’s infrastructure. Matrix-Exzac’s ability to leverage deep expertise in both sides of implementation—business and technology—enables clients to construct a strong defensive line against crimes in the financial services landscape. “We focus all our expertise, knowledge, and services to the financial arena,” he adds.

The company provides a broad range of solutions and services that cover a large arc, from Anti Money Laundering (AML) and fraud prevention to trade compliance, security services, broker surveillance, and operational risk. “We work with clients to identify the right solution by considering their needs and requirements, and the options available to solve compliance and market abuse problems,” says Levy.Matrix-Exzac takes care of the compliance and fraud prevention aspect of financial services institutions by helping them carry out the

entire implementation lifecycle for the advanced systems required to fulfill the needs of today’s finance landscape and ready to adapt to future challenges.From the early processes such as framing strategies, analyzing requirements, assessment, evaluation, planning, and selection—to user requirements, technology requirements, systems implementation, and post implementation support, the company works closely with its clients. “We give banks the ability to boost their Return on Investment (ROI) by shortening implementation time,” says Levy.

The company firmly believes in delivering quality-oriented and costeffective services. “We have an unparalleled level of knowledge in the finance and technology domain, which helps us in agile development and implementation of systems and processes,” says Levy. In addition, the company also maintains strategic partnerships with industry players such as NICE Actimize, Oracle, SAS and other market leaders.

Matrix-Exzac has assisted myriad financial institutions to architect, implement, and manage the routine operation of compliance and fraud prevention programs. To highlight one of many Matrix-Exzac client success stories, a top financial institution sought a solution capable of handling their complete compliance requirements. Matrix-Exzac evaluated the client’s current infrastructure and assessed several alternatives to meet the aggressive timeline required. Matrix- Exzac designed a solution that updated and integrated existing systems with new technology to deliver the most up-to-date and agile compliance platform, enabling the institution to meet regulatory compliance on time and reduce overall compliance costs by more than 25 percent.

We direct all our expertise, knowledge, and services to the financial arena, combining technology expertise with specialized compliance and regulatory knowledge specific to the financial services industry

Looking forward, Matrix-Exzac aspires to expand its operation in three dimensions that include offering a wider range of products, complete managed services, and cloud solutions. Additionally, the company intends to expand its services to serve banks of all sizes, while growing its operations globally.