MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION: Heralding the Age of Custom Analytics for Banks

Anil Bandari, Founder & CEO, MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATIONAnil Bandari, Founder & CEO
Since its inception in 2014, MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION has been instrumental in helping banks make the best use of their data through its industry-known and proprietary mathematical algorithms to predict consumer behavior and help its clients achieve business profit and mitigate loss goals. Anil Bandari, Founder and CEO, MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION, informs, “Over the last three decades, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in the amount of data being created, leading to the exponential use of analytics to aid optimal decision-making in banking.” MATRiX ANALYTiCS provides the much-needed development practices to meet today’s aggressive requirements of analytics-based expert/optimal decisions. To that end, the company uses proprietary state-of-the-art model development and strategy optimization processes, algorithms, and methodologies to build credit risk analytic solutions for financial institutions. “Our company builds and supports risk analytic solutions for big financial institutions, small and medium enterprises (SME), and flourishing local credit unions,” Anil adds.

MATRiX ANALYTiCS assists clients in collating data and performs a case-specific analytics audit, based on which a suitable project plan is suggested to clients. Accordingly, the company then offers end-to-end model development suite, validation suite, strategy optimization framework, transaction models, text analytics, anomaly detection, stress testing, economic impact modeling, CCAR modeling, visualization analytics targeted towards consumer credit and fraud risk of banks, and profit optimization of SMEs. “We have a wide variety of algorithms and methodologies, based on the specific objective of clients or optimization services that can significantly increase their performance,” elucidates Anil. The company’s solutions provide complete validations and satisfy all regulatory requirements, which banks need to comply with.

Banks can also build strategy frameworks for profit/loss optimization, defined by global and local constraints.

We are cost-conscious and aware of budgetary constraints especially for our small-and-medium sized banking customers

MATRiX ANALYTiCS offers BIG DATA and FINTECH risk analytics solutions as a custom service to manage risk, optimize profitability, fight fraud, and build customer relationships for the banking industry at a fraction of the cost as that of its competitors. MATRiX ANALYTiCS also provides post-production support for all its solutions.

For banks that already have an existing global data warehouse designated for analytics, MATRiX ANALYTiCS helps them with integration and migration of traditional model development, validation, and analytics solutions to new on-premise BIG DATA or cloud-based platform. “We can build new generation models and analytics using richer data sources available in BIG DATA infrastructure and provide comparative analysis, with existing solutions and add value to the bank’s bottom line,” explains Anil. The company’s analytics-as-a-service solution empowers small-and-medium sized banks to leverage analytics, eliminating expensive on-premise infrastructure investments.

Apart from the cutting-edge methodologies for sustainable analytics solution development, the company’s core differentiators include its quality of domain expertise, global market knowledge, evolved modeling practices, and efficient deployment strategies. At the same time, Anil points out, “we are cost-conscious and aware of budgetary constraints especially for our small-and-medium sized banking customers.” The company has successfully built loan originations/ underwriting, portfolio management, collections, bankruptcy, recovery, fraud underwriting, and detection models for a number of its clients. “And our best noted results have been 90 percent more accurate when compared to predecessor modeling solutions,” he adds.

In the coming days, the use of analytics in risk management activities will continue to rise with the evolution of BIG DATA into bigger data. Anil also foresees the introduction of new targeted and custom algorithms, specific to objective and usage to make better decisions that drive higher levels of profitability, mitigate risk, and enhance customer experience. “Down the lane, I see MATRiX ANALYTiCS CORPORATION providing custom analytics solutions to the banking industry and various SMEs globally,” concludes Anil.