Malauzai Software: Revolutionizing Mobile Banking

With mobilization becoming the next big thing, banks are working aggressively to improve their mobile applications and optimize their websites for smartphones and tablets. A global survey conducted by Bain & Company last year revealed that thousands of consumers could stay away from wallet for a day, but not mobile phones. Headquartered in Austin, TX, Malauzai Software develops robust mobile and internet banking solutions designed for community financial institutions. “As mobile banking continues to grow in both usage and functionality, it’s vital that this market segment has the tools to compete,” says Tom Shen, Founder & CEO, Malauzai Software.

Founded with the vision to accelerate the mobile banking revolution, Malauzai’s products are designed to create a consistent experience across channels, providing support to financial institutions—from consumers and businesses to employees. “Our goal is to level the mobile banking playing field and arm community institutions with technology that meets, and often exceeds, the mobile features offered by the big banks,” states Shen. The company achieves this with its dedication and best-of-breed developers, designers, engineers and senior leaders in the industry.

Malauzai’s flagship product, Consumer, is specifically designed for retail users, enabling banks to elevate their digital banking game with enterprise-class features and best-in-class technology. The robust solution offers highly intuitive and flexible features and tools needed to fulfill the promise of making the mobile channel a revenue-generating opportunity. The solution offers innovative features like PicPay wherein a consumer can take a snap of a bill and pay effortlessly; and card management through which a consumer can turn their debit card on/ off with the swipe of a finger in real-time. Other features include Person to Person (P2P) payments, local rewards/offers, and customer/member personalization.

Geared toward retail bankers that support the micro and small business segment is Malauzai’s Retail+. The solution’s superior usability is attained by providing a simple to use and understand user interface, similar to the Consumer app experience. Be it a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, each experience can be completely customized by financial institutions with the help of Retail+ to match brand guidelines and identity.

Our goal is to level the mobile banking playing field and arm community institutions with technology that meets, and often exceeds, the mobile features offered by the big banks

The Retail+ solution comes with basic user entitlements and administrative permissions, bestowing comprehensive access to manage multiple businesses and personal accounts using one login.

Boasting a Mobile Only Experience (MOX), Malauzai’s design philosophy emphasizes simplicity, usefulness, and the flexibility of a mobile only banking experience regardless of the device. MOX eliminates the cluttered screens and un-used functionality associated with traditional banking channels— resulting in an elegant and dynamic experience. The company’s best-in-class technology partners coupled with the MOX platform allow customers access to first-in-market innovative features. The company believes that robust, real-time core integration is essential to meet the demands of a savvy mobile user. Malauzai has established core system integrations with nearly 30 providers that service the community banking market segments.

Malauzai plans to continue serving its customer, banking on its principle— delighted customers and members are more satisfied, buy more products, and refer more business. Registering a record number of financial institutions that use its mobile banking solutions, Malauzai is set to conquer more customers and enhance its product offering.