Lynx Technology Partners: Specialists in Meeting Compliance Mandates

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In today’s complicated regulatory environment, organizations not only need to safeguard their data and systems but also ensure that it is compliant with the multitude of regulations. Staying compliant and improving the efficiency of compliance efforts is a significant challenge. Adding to the woes is the increase in the number, scope, and complexity of regulations and standards, with many regulations carrying hefty penalties for non-compliance. What organizations need is a reliable partner with deep expertise to meet the requirements of government regulations and industry mandates.

Amidst the ever-evolving government regulations, Lynx Technology Partners is the trusted information security and risk management advisor that enables organizations to get compliant and stay compliant. Lynx is the go-to provider for global organizations in highly regulated industries to improve security posture, facilitate compliance, reduce risk, and refine operational efficiency. Gina Mahin, CEO of Lynx, says, “The objective is to ensure that Lynx “Executes Flawlessly” for customers, partners, and employees.”

Lynx is a pioneer in helping organizations resolve compliance emergencies. The team comprised of experts from regulated industries, not only listen and adapt, but also work fast, watch for risk exposure, and use real-world experience to manage, and mitigate any compliance-related challenges. Lynx helps in choosing the right security framework for assessing, executing, monitoring, and auditing security programs, thereby helping organizations to strengthen their security posture, reduce risk, and support compliance with various regulations.

The company’s robust IT risk and compliance solution, Lynx Risk Manager, helps organizations to enhance their audit workflow and then assess their IT risk posture against internal and external regulations. The IT GRC solution leverages a proven framework of predefined compliance and control regulations, best practices, and automated workflows to identify and prioritize risk specific to unique business interests. The Lynx team can assess an organization’s compliance with security frameworks and help customize frameworks to solve specific information security problems.

We enable organizations to become compliant and stay compliant with ever-evolving government regulations and industry mandates

To ease the burden of identifying, prioritizing, managing, and communicating essential compliance, Lynx Risk Manager provides organizations with a real-time and continuous measurement of their security posture and compliance across the organization. The IT GRC solution demonstrates compliance with internal policies through a simple assessment process by bringing in internal compliance and security policies and cross-referencing them to the harmonized controls framework. It also provides detailed compliance reports to internal and external auditors by demonstrating the section-by-section status of the compliance with industry regulations, compliance mandates, and the company’s security policy.

In an implementation highlight, a healthcare client was facing difficulties in finding the time, required resources, and budget to respond to government regulations on time. This client was in contract with a Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) customer and was expected to become FISMA compliant within a year. Although the accreditation was estimated to take several years, the Lynx team’s dedication and work principles allowed the company’s information assurance team to meet the compliance requirements of the CMS and Acceptable Risk Safeguards regulations and complete the project in just nine months.

Lynx’s seasoned experts work with their clients right though the project helping them improve their security posture and operational efficiency. For the Lynx team, the goal at large is not to execute a statement of work, but to understand client requirements, adapt to their environment, and partner with them as a trusted advisor in achieving regulatory compliance.