Leveris-BaaS: The Cynosure of Retail Banking

Banks today are up against a new reality in which the swiftly changing consumer behavior and financial technologies are replacing the traditional ways of doing business. While, modern technologies are incessantly altering the financial services landscape post-haste; the banking industry brims with novel ideas on what makes millennials tick. Traditional banks are losing out to a new breed of astute competitors, unencumbered by legacy technologies. Adhering to this variegated approach is Leveris that takes the onus of finding and solving business problems with technology. “Our primary focus is In-tellectual Property (IP) development for financial services and content monetization,” notes Conor Fennelly, CEO of Leveris.

Most of the users today prefer to perform tasks with the touch of a button—right from ordering food and shopping to managing their finances. Addressing this need, Leveris offers customers the requisite tools to make better financial decisions by providing insights into behavior-based communications. Leveris has developed a full-service, standalone, core banking platform from the ground up that is deployable locally or in the cloud.

Based on SaaS technology, the Leveris platform offers customers a truly omni-channel banking platform—from transactional, deposit, saving, shared and joint accounts to budgeting and spending. It also makes it easy for customers to send and request money in real-time by linking the bank account or debit card in seconds. Intuitively, the self-contained end-to-end platform features a double-click process via in-app, text message, email, or social media—backed by a comprehensive card network. Furthermore, by multiplying cross-sell rate, the modular platform dramatically reduces setup risk and maintains the new platform for a fraction of the cost of a legacy system with minimal CapEx and a more efficient OpEx. The platform automatically updates itself periodically, which helps users always stay up to date with the latest version. Using this platform, shoppers can easily and quickly access the banks’ various products and services.

We provide customers the requisite tools to make better financial decisions by providing insights into behavior-based communications

Hosted via Amazon Web Services in a European cloud data centre, Leveris provides round-the-clock support and availability at high levels.

Being the most complete and integrated platform in the market, the firm’s Banking as a Service (BaaS) technology accelerates the transformation of financial services. It is been designed as a cost-effective, flexible, and quick-to-market banking and lending solution. The BaaS technology brings financial institutions and new entrants of any size the opportunity to offer a smarter, affordable, and de-risked solution that monetizes data, opens new revenue streams, and creates beautiful user experiences through a single customer view. By enabling customers to personalize their experiences through diverse channels, banks increase their wallet share, generate additional revenues, and create customer stickiness and retention.

Governed by an objective to build deep-rooted relationships with clients, the Leveris team encompasses experts specialized in financial assistance. Presently, telcos, airlines, retail chains and various consumer brands wish to enter the consumer banking or lending space, without any exposure to the traditionally high CapEx outlay of developing in-house solutions. Leveris has expanded rapidly in a short span with continued growth on the horizon through their pragmatic platform; the firm expects to be the cynosure of retail banking for years to come.