Industry Avenue Technologies: Addressing Foreign Exchange Risk and Liquidity through Treasury Consulting Services and Technology Products

Hari Iyer, President and CEO, Industry Avenue TechnologiesHari Iyer, President and CEO
Being the go-to experts in treasury management, Industry Avenue Technologies, since its inception, has been focusing on liquidity management and addressing Foreign Exchange (FX) exposure risks that fall under the category of “big areas of treasury concerns”. Providing “an avenue” for companies to improve their business process efficiencies, Industry Avenue Technologies takes a customer-centric approach while serving a range of industries like energy, healthcare, telecom, technology, and manufacturing. “Today, we offer our clients a mix of both technology products and treasury consulting services to help them address FX exposure risks and liquidity,” explains Hari Iyer, President and CEO, Industry Avenue Technologies. “Currently, we serve SMBs and global multi-national companies spread over all continents.”

Often, companies lack the tools to adequately monitor and execute on their currency exposure management strategy, leading to large unexpected losses to earnings. Industry Avenue’s Treasury Suite helps clients collect and consolidate FX currency exposures worldwide, eliminate exposures through netting, and run FX exposure forecasts and simulation hedging so the treasurer can see the impact to earnings over time under any scenario before deciding on how much to hedge, with which instrument, and for how long. The suite also embeds VaR analysis and looks at FX exposure risk not only individually but also as a portfolio which reduces the need for hedge cover by striking an ideal balance between FX risks vs. hedging costs.

Additionally, the firm’s intercompany netting application allows their clients to efficiently manage and reconcile all their intercompany accounts, run an in-house bank, and net payments. This also ensures that liquidity is where it is most needed and cash is repatriated promptly, keeping money transfer, foreign exchange, and bank fees at a minimum. “Other solutions we offer help manage various factors that impact liquidity such as d e b t , contingent liabilities, and bank accounts,” says Iyer. The firm also provides training and support for developing and improving the whole suite of Sarbanes Oxley compliant treasury policies and procedures.

The company takes a structured, “inline with the corporate Treasury” approach to successfully complete projects on time and within budget.

We offer our clients a mix of both technology products and treasury consulting services to help them address FX exposure risk, optimize liquidity, and manage a host of other Treasury functions such as contingent liabilities, debt, and bank accounts

“We distinguish ourselves through our people and the deep industry, treasury, finance, and technology knowledge and experience they have, coupled with a unique ability to successfully design solutions and deliver projects that will drive the biggest benefits to our clients,” asserts Sandro Giannetti, Director, Treasury Services, Industry Avenue Technologies.

Sandro Giannetti, Director, Treasury Services, Industry Avenue TechnologiesSandro Giannetti, Director, Treasury Services
Industry Avenue’s treasury management solutions have helped many companies solve their business challenges, enabling them to gain operational efficiency and increased visibility. In a compelling example, the company enhanced a solution for producing a treasury bank instrument which was used in the formation of a multi-billion dollar Joint Venture (JV) Oilfield Services company. This was a critical part of the compliance that was needed to get the JV approved by federal regulators. The client was pleased with the solution and the short time in which it was designed and delivered.

For the road ahead, the firm’s next big step in terms of technology is to incorporate big data and predictive data analytics capabilities into their solutions. Moreover, Industry Avenue is also actively expanding geographically to Asian and European markets.