Hanse Orga Group: Solutions for your financial automation value chain

Sven Lindemann, CEO, Hanse Orga GroupSven Lindemann, CEO
Focusing on finance process automation, transparency, fraud prevention, and compliance, the Hanse Orga Group is a global expert and leader for solutions concerning the entire financial automation value chain. With over 2,000 clients worldwide, the company provides advanced technology and personalized consulting - from analyses of untapped potentials to implementation of best-in-class software. Sven Lindemann, CEO, shares, “Our goal is to optimize all processes affecting the incoming and outgoing of payments, from order-to-cash to procure-to-pay to treasury.”

Hanse Orga Group has a unique and comprehensive approach identifying client requirements and delivering exactly what customers need. Their process begins with a thorough assessment and analysis of the current business and it’s potential. This allows them to identify the biggest pain points and challenges that should be addressed in order to achieve the highest possible process efficiency.

In the last years, Hanse Orga Group has grown significantly. Following the acquisition of SOPLEX Consult in November 2016, Hanse Orga Group also joined forces with Dolphin, e5 solutions and Tembit Software in May 2017. “Our broader solution offering is a huge plus and enables us to support customers in process automation like no one else in the market”, says Lindemann.

Hanse Orga Group follows a dual product strategy and offers solutions integrated into SAP as well as web-based products that can be connected to different enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The solutions use rule-based automation as well as machine learning to provide up to 98 percent automation rates.

Our goal is to optimize all processes that affect incoming and outgoing payments from order-to-cash to procure-to-pay to treasury

“An important trend is the development of hybrid clouds, which are a combination of on premise solutions and cloud solutions. These systems offer an optimal combination of flexibility and security”, explains Sven Lindemann. Clients can select the elements that best suit their individual company situation and it’s this versatility that sets Hanse Orga Group apart from its competition.

“We look at companies financial processes as a whole. This comprehensive view on a ‘world of payments’ makes us very efficient in uncovering lingering potentials in the whole order to cash cycle.”

One of their success stories involved an international airline who dealt with payments around the world. This company needed to centralize their payments and reduce the number of banks in their network. So the first step was to centralize their banking, shrinking their network to just five banks. This helped to create consistency and reduce the country payment formats. With Hanse Orga Group solution, they were able to create a global payment factory. The new system is a fully automated payment factory; collecting payment files from all over the world, handling manual payments with a strong integrated payment workflow system. This centralization resulted in tremendous cost savings, added transparency, and reduced risk of fraud.

Throughout the years, Hanse Orga has seen strong double-digit growth. Their recent acquisitions have enabled them to bring a more holistic solution to clients, and anticipate more acquisitions to facilitate their growth. Lindemann elaborates, “We have a clear target for all companies in our group to grow both organically and inorganically. We will do this by cross-selling innovative, complementary solutions to what we offer today, bringing the most advanced and complete solutions to our customers.”