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Ralf Heim, Founder & Co-CEO , FinciteRalf Heim, Founder & Co-CEO
The European Union’s regulatory reform, MiFID II—a revamped version of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive—is an attempt to transform Europe’s financial industry. MiFID II is designed to offer greater protection for investors and inject more transparency into all asset classes, from equities to fixed income, exchange-traded funds, and foreign exchange. Financial institutions now have to disclose detailed information about trades immediately, including price and volume. This has resulted in a tremendous increase in costs for financial advice, leaving a large number of clients ‘unadvised.’

In a time when financial advice is becoming more expensive by the day, a fintech solution provider, Fincite is empowering retail banks, private banks, and insurers to provide digital investment services to clients. By enabling retail and private banking customers to aggregate cash and portfolio accounts, real estate, pensions and non-bankable assets, Fincite bridges the investment intelligence of the bank with the individual customers’ financial situation. Banks, asset managers and insurers are leveraging the technology called Fincite.

CIOS (Connected Investment Operations Suite) to build services for their customers—ranging from portfolio health checks over hybrid advice (human and robo advice) towards fully automated retirement planning. These solutions are seamlessly integrated into a customer’s existing processes, channels, and architectures via a single software—Fincite. CIOS. “We help our customers to grow their revenues, gain market shares, and increase the efficiency of their advice and investment processes,” states Ralf Heim, founder and co- CEO of Fincite.

Using Fincite.CIOS, financial service providers can analyze, monitor, and optimize existing client portfolios as well as create automated investment advice or dynamic saving plans across multiple accounts. The company’s software aggregates all the financials of a customer along with their objectives and restrictions to form a 360-degree view.

We help our customers to grow their revenues, gain market shares, and increase the efficiency of their advice and investment processes

This data is then analyzed to generate insights into risks, returns, costs, and improvements, and then identify the right allocations and products that match the customer’s profile. With the help of Fincite. CIOS, banks can provide digital financial services that include transparent analysis and an automated system that takes all of the customer’s assets into account. “We provide Fincite.CIOS via an API to allow banks to build their individual frontend based on our application logic on their own or with one of our implementation partners,” adds Heim.

Fincite possesses the asset management expertise and technology to perform sophisticated analytics and provide insights that were previously not possible. Illustrating Fincite’s expertise, Heim mentions how a private bank used CIOS to optimize existing portfolios taking into account the 360-degree view of their client’s assets. The bank was able to increase their assets under view by more than 40 percent and ROI of advice by almost 20 percent (due to growth in customers per advisors by almost twice the amount). Further, the bank was able to improve its net promoter score (NPS) and the conversion rate in asset acquisitions. Similarly, based on Fincite.CIOS a global retail bank initated a new go-to-market strategy with a digital advice platform, which resulted in fast traction across over 500 million assets under view within a couple of weeks.

Moving forward, Fincite is building a fully automated retirement planning solution that adapts in real time to the expenses within a connected customer account and the performance of their portfolio. Currently active in five countries in Europe, Fincite invests resources to build wealth aggregation capabilities in further European countries. A further field of investments are algorithms, that provide insights and advice for the customer’s client as well as for marketing and sales departments within the financial institutions. “We live to enable our customers creating investment service offerings with a superior customer experience, stronger conversion, higher efficiency, and scalability while keeping compliance and differentiation. It is all about empowering the asset and wealth industry for the upcoming, very competitive, digital age,” concludes Heim.

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Ralf Heim, Founder & Co-CEO


In a world where human-based financial advice gets more expensive by the day, the group of underadviced customers is increasing, Fincite builds state-of-the-art digital banking technologies with its partners and clients. The company had made the first software connecting financial aggregation and individual financial planning directly. Fincite’s team consists of various quantitative and technology skills in financial modeling, quantitative investments, and asset management. While taking the driver seat to bring digital banking solutions to life, Fincite makes each of its customer’s journey with it enjoying