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Ky Hacker, Chief Revenue Officer, FileInvite, FileInviteKy Hacker, Chief Revenue Officer, FileInvite
Alot has changed in the banking sector in recent years, including customer expectations and the role of technology in how data is handled. Yet, not all organizations have successfully pivoted to reap the benefits of digitization. Many still run their businesses on the treadmill of manual operations, inefficient documentation, and time-consuming processes. For instance, lending organizations in the banking sector still rely on manual and paper-driven processes to approve loans. This lack of innovation and digitization is an Achilles heel for such banking firms. “We are living in a world where consumers are looking for a digital and real-time experience,” says Ky Hacker, Chief Revenue Officer, FileInvite.

By digitizing the process of collecting documents and information from clients, FileInvite has completely transformed how banks operate their business. Their digital solution works more efficiently and fast, that reduces the turnaround time for document and information collection by almost 80 percent. Lenders can manage and organize their documents enabling seamless digital experiences to meet their borrowers service expectations. In the banking world, if there is anything more important than time, it’s customer satisfaction. FileInvite can optimize both.

According to a survey conducted by Moody’s Analytics, 56 percent of surveyed banks said that manual data collection and client communication represent the biggest challenges in initiating the loan process. FileInvite’s centralized solution brings all the elements of communication and collecting documentation and information onto one single platform. Lenders can save multiple hours with an expedited exchange of information and faster finalization of loan contracts.

Borrowers expect a smooth experience from their lenders. Whether it’s a loan to buy a car or a house, ultimately a customer will do business with a lender who can provide a good customer experience, a quick collection of documents with real time updates, automated reminders, and faster delivery of funds. FileInvite automates the entire documentation and information collection process to help clients eliminate the manual back and forth of documents, and endless emails.

We are living in a world where consumers are looking for a digital and real-time experience

FileInvite provides an onboarding process for its new clients. The company organizes a workshop to educate them on the features and functionality of its platform. This ensures that all loan officers, underwriters, and closing teams understand the system and how to reap its benefits.

One factor differentiating FileInvite is that the company is not trying to be a CRM or ERP partner. FileInvite offers a dynamic platform that can easily integrate with a client’s CRM or loan origination system. This means lenders don’t have to change their existing software.

FileInvite gives you the win— simultaneously elevating the customer experience and streamlining internal workflows with full tracking visibility to show what documents are in and what documents are out.

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Ky Hacker, Chief Revenue Officer, FileInvite


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