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Peter T. Moles, President and CEO, EaglePay.usPeter T. Moles, President and CEO It is a typical evening in August 2019, a small business owner opens up his store and begins to go about his business the same way he has since the day he set up shop. He does not concern himself with the burgeoning significance of digital avenues in consumer markets because his business approach, regardless of its age-old nature, works. Fast-forward six months and the business owner experiences issues in maintaining or attracting customers due to pandemic-driven social distancing guidelines that turn his face-to-face and cash-driven style of business obsolete. As an antidote to these challenges, the business owner haphazardly subscribes and implements the latest POS solutions, thereby opening up newer avenues to manage transactions. However, owing to the subpar security of these deployments, he soon ends up facing multiple fines due to instances of card fraud. This pushes the once thriving business into deep uncertainty and the only reason behind it is the owner’s archaic approach to consumer engagement and payment security. This is but one story of the thousands of small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) worldwide that have faded away over the course of the pandemic. In the U.S., the prolonged continuation of the coronavirus outbreak has adversely affected the national economy by driving 25 to 35 percent of SMBs to go out of business. understands the challenges and hindrances SMBs have to face and believes that the only way for such stores to thriving in the current marketplace is to reinvent the way they attract customers and secure their transactions. For the aforementioned business owner, can offer its digital media, social media management, and SEO services to drive a strong online presence and drive targeted consumer experiences. At the same time, with its ‘text-to-pay’ technology and parking space signs in front of the client business that allow ‘curbside pick-up,’ can empower the small merchant to deliver a way for their customers to simply, seamlessly, and safely acquire the products/ goods they need. On top of this, also boasts powerful data security capabilities to ensure secure transactions and minimal risks. All of these competencies are offered at markedly lower prices than most programs promising the same level of efficiency, security, and overall impact.

"Over the last 18 months, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the American economy, shutting down conventional operations and day-to-day activities across the business landscape. These disruptions were even more pronounced for customer-facing retail businesses as they had to adapt and find innovative ways to continue operations through the growing ubiquity of social distancing guidelines. While big-box stores have the resources and personnel to make this transition relatively straightforward, SMBs find it hard to stay afloat in the currently fluctuating marketplace. In fact, if smaller merchants continue to wait for consumers to come and acquire their goods and services, they will end up having to close their doors for good.

We want merchants to understand their processing programs and employ technologies that will enable efficiency, regulatory compliance, and processing security

A prime example of this is the rise in consumer demand for e-commerce websites and curbside pickup options for goods, both of which are very hard for small and medium-sized merchants to offer as they lack the technical and workforce competencies. This problem is a huge hurdle in making the American economy strong again because big box stores only contribute about 20 percent to our gross national product while SMBs hold the remaining 80 percent. Therefore, it is clear that the only way to strengthen our economy is through the empowerment of SMBs to cut their costs and actually finance them with a digital marketing program that drives traffic to their store.

I have been in sales since 1985, including 15 years in the bank card industry. I have been involved in all aspects of this industry. My experience up to this point groomed me for my position as Chief Information Officer here at

In reporting to our Founder, Peter Moles, I am responsible for managing IT staff, overseeing IT budget, managing software development needs, developing IT policies, procedures, and best practices. is the perfect opportunity for me to take my management skills, and knowledge of this industry to the next level. To quote Zig Ziglar “You get what you want out of life by helping enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar.

To achieve this, I rebranded my former company, CCI Merchant Services, into and developed an end-to-end merchant services portfolio that addresses all the prevalent needs of modern-day SMBs. The vision behind our flagship GLIDEPATH program and offerings is to drive a resolution for reinvention in SMBs that will aid them in not just surviving COVID-19 but also thriving amongst the bigger chains and grabbing their own slices of the American Dream."

This message from Peter T. Moles, president, and CEO at, highlights his intent to transform the current American economy by showing SMBs a way to get out of their current predicament through the effective digitalization of their payment processing impactful digital marketing endeavors. Another key influence in Moles' missionto help SMBs is his longtime 30- year mentor, who once told him, "Hope and prayer are good, but it is not a strategy." These words drive Moles and to always be there with a strategy that will help SMBs answer their prayers and grow their businesses even in the ever-evolving market.

A Path toward Making America Stronger

As an industry expert, Moles has extensive experience working with leading payment giants, namely Peachtree Bancorp. and Cherry Payment Systems, National Translink Corp., Bridgeview Bank and Trust, American Paywise Corporation, and more. He was also a joint venture partner with Texas-based Retriever Payment Systems, Kentucky-based National Processing Corporation, VANTIV, formerly headquartered in Ohio, Georgia-based TSYS, and The Merchant Source Inc. Additionally, Moles is a seasoned sales and entrepreneurship coach who has helped educate numerous C-suites and workforces in the financial services arena across the North American continent on how to market their businesses through better utilization of tech-driven deployments.

Right out of collage I knew sales was for me, so I began selling books and magazines door to door in 1999. Throughout my carrier, regardless of who I worked for, I was always a top producer. My proudest moment was becoming number one telemarketer with NPC. I have always believed that a successful salesperson should listen twice as much as they talk. This perspective has always kept me humble. As my dad would say “Stay in your lane and work as hard has you can, because there is someone always shoot for your spot.”

Unfortunately, following this, Moles had a prolonged stint at the hospital due to COVID-related complications and other surgical procedures. During his time in bed, he started thinking about the best ways to make a difference for SMBs that were facing the challenges of the pandemic. Subsequently, when he recovered and left the hospital, Moles began envisioning ideas on a new business endeavor that is geared toward helping SMBs adapt to the coronavirus outbreak. Post-recovery, Moles began leveraging the experience he gained as a charismatic leader in the financial realm to gain insights on how SMBs can leverage the existing payment processing and marketing opportunities to carve their unique place and thrive in today’s pandemic-struck market.

Responsibilities include but not limited to the assistance in the hiring process, preparing sales materials, and training of all outside sales reps. This outside training will require the new hire to ride with said trainer for a day or two. During this time the new hire will watch the trainer present and close the GlidePath program to merchants. This will include running both company leads and referrals. This position will also require some training after the initial training is complete.

After more than aten-year hiatus managing my household, and three beautiful children I am excited be back in the workforce as Office Manager here at I have had the bankcard industry in my blood for years, and welcome the task of providing the necessary administrational needs here @ EP. This is being done with the same love and devotion that I provide to my family.

This position answer directly to the CIO and assisting in organize and coordinate of the day to duties of functioning office. This includes but not limited to, staff effectiveness, staff efficiency, and safety. Other responsibilities include; developing intra office communication protocols, streamlining administrative procedures, inventory control, office staff supervision, and task delegation.

Subsequently, in 2020, Moles added the additional facet of digital marketing programs to' already comprehensive portfolio. Consequently, the company became the preferred workplace for several highly competent digital marketing experts and technology professionals capable of assisting SMBs in developing a thriving business.

Simplifying Payment Processing’ current portfolio is powered by Wells Fargo, which is the largest acquiring bank in the world, as well as leading financial services firm, Fiserv, and comprises the unique GLIDEPATH gateway, which it offers in its EAGLEPay Basic, EAGLEPay Limited, and EAGLEPay+ service packs based on the need for digital marketing services. For ambitious SMBs, the only choice would be EAGLEPay+ as it has twice the services for half the prices of its contemporaries such as American Eagle. com,, and more. If clients stay with the first level of the GLIDEPATH program, they enter the GLIDEPATH marketplace, which is a subdomain product where the company builds an eCommerce website for a customer, offers unlimited access into its GLIDEPATH marketplace, and drives traffic via social media management (up to 30 listings) as well as SEO without additional fees. The company offers unparalleled website development service and more without the steep payments that typically go along with such offerings. EAGLEPay. us’ GLIDEPATH Program is built to help SMBs establish a next-gen and reliable payment processing infrastructure while driving the creation of a strong digital footprint using its digital marketing programs, resulting in an abundance of never-before-seen traffic in a 75-mile radius of their establishment.

  • We drive a resolution for reinvention in SMBs that will aid them in not just surviving COVID-19 but also thriving among bigger chains and grabbing their own slices of the American Dream

All of’ services are built on four core pillars: integrity, security, technology, and service, while numerous businesses are struggling to thrive in the current market due to the lack of one or more of these pillars. The emphasis on the pillars is perfectly illustrated with the company implementing Fiserv's TransArmor data protection, PCI, DSS, and CISP compliance, and zero-risk processing using the latest EMV/ security-updated POS devices. “We offer the most complete and high-value payment package in the country, enabling merchants to deliver innovative touchpoints for consumer engagement and build a strong digital footprint that drives better ROI at every level of their campaign," adds Moles.

From a security standpoint, leverages point-to-point encryption and tokenization of sensitive consumer information, thereby helping manage the risk of card fraud and other undesirable outcomes. “Our point-to-point tokenization software enables merchants to rest easy by ensuring that consumer information never falls into the wrong hands and helps them in bypassing significant fines while driving safer consumer experiences,” observes Moles. This commitment to security is a key driver in EAGLEPay. us' success as it allows the company to offer the first-of-its-kind Merchant Assurance Policy (M.A.P.), which is a written agreement where consumers can rest easy knowing that all their transactions are monitored, and consumer card details are safeguarded from cyber threats.

Further discussing the core competencies of EAGLEPay. us’ digital marketing programs, Moles mentions the three-pronged goals that he wants his customers to achieve. The company's digital marketing services utilize extensive listings, effective SEO, and targeted social media management to enable its clients to quickly climb up the Google rankings in a 50-75 mile radius. As a result, the SMB witnessed significant growth in their clientele and better retention of existing consumers. Concurrently, SMBs also gain' unmatched website and eCommerce development offerings, which, when combined with the company’s expert team, facilitate the creation of a strategic go-forward business plan that ensures their effective positioning in target markets. Lastly, Moles elaborates on' 'text to pay' technology, which is a capability offered by under one percent of SMBs, thereby enabling its clients to further expand the horizons of their consumer engagement. “Unlike typical merchant services, we do not lease just payment processing equipment, we offer these technologies through our GLIDEPATH program, which comprises ten very unique and authentic services designed to assist SMBs in competing against Big Box companies in a highly inexpensive manner,” explains Moles.

Another key facet in' portfolio is its emphasis on training client reps via dedicated user manuals and training regimes via its Certification Course that each agent must pass to represent the company. The company’s course plays a critical role in assisting its clients to become self-sustained users of its services and delivering value to their consumers without latency.

This capability allows SMBs to better understand their processing programs and employ technologies that will enable efficiency, regulatory compliance, and processing security. "Our training regimes are proven to develop certified reps that can effectively interact with relevant entities to help their businesses start curbside pickup, establish impactful consumer services, and more," states Moles.

I have been in sales since 1997, this includes 23 years in the bank card industry. I have generated leads for outside sales closers, as well as closing my own deals for the last 9 years, as well as even having started my own office. I absolutely love this industry because it allows me to help small and mid-sized business owners. I have learned over the last 30 years having been a single mom of 4 for 25 of those years along with my sales career has taught me to never loose my faith and to always push forward and no matter what, never giving up. I have worked with Peter T. Moles off and on over the last 19 years, I’ve learned a lot from him over the years. Peter has very recently brought me on as his Inside Sales Manager to help grow a strong closing team. This opportunity allows me to share my knowledge of the industry and sales skills with others.

Developing a Culture of Transparency and Fairness

With respect to’ organizational culture, Moles mentions how his early years were driven by the ideas he read in Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking, which included notions such as ‘Change your thoughts, change your world’ and ‘It is always too early to quit.’ Subsequently, when he was 21, his then-boss handed him Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, considered by many to be the guide to a well-rounded, successful life, which gave him a strong tenet for his professional life: ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.’ All these values culminated during his time as a sales rep, a sales coach, and his long-running tenures as the head of multiple C-suites, which he channeled into bringing EAGLEPay. us to life.

I am very excited and proud to be affiliated with EAGLEPay. us on its mission in helping America become strong again. I've had a long journey from Ghana, Africa, learning English under the U.K.'s education in my country. Just before entering the U.S., I saved money to put myself through technology school, and I proudly supervise the programming, shipping, and installations through tele-training with every merchant that is boarded on the Fiserv platform. I am looking forward to serving merchants and seeing a part of what helps America become strong again because I am proud to have U.S. citizenship.

This mindset, combined with Moles’ charisma and immense firsthand experience of providing and using a wide range of offerings across the financial services arena, has helped nurture a business culture that drives transparency and honesty both internally and with clients. The company takes pride in its ability to develop long-lasting partnerships powered by clear and efficient communications and the industry expertise of the company’s team.

A Promising Future

Currently, is expanding its team and implementing leading cloud-based CRM, Iris, and innovative VoIP solution Nextiva, to enable better engagement with its clients. According to Moles, the release of his company's new web portal will be a milestone for the company as it will mark the beginning for SMBs to establish an efficient, reliable, secure, and compliant payment-processing infrastructure. Moles reiterates the ethos of, "Our mission is to consult, advise, and provide key elements to train individual agents into certified merchant services reps and digital marketing advisors while educating business owners on the vital and valued areas they can explore to thrive via the GLIDEPATH program. I believe that once our country's SMBs reinvent themselves based on the current trends of the consumer market, nothing will be able to stop America from becoming strong again."

After graduating from college, I started my career in the Merchant Services Industry in May 2000. In my 22 years in the industry, I have successfully been trained in all aspects of the business. I have personally signed up 1000s of merchants and trained 100s of successful sales agents around the country. I have started and successfully ran multiple inside sales offices in my career. I have a passion for closing sales and hiring and training new sales reps. Reuniting with Peter Moles as the SVP of Sales is very exciting for me. I started my career with Peter as his Lead generator/ Sales assistant. Peter ultimately became my mentor, and we are now Partners at so my career has come full circle. I started in the industry with Peter, and I will retire from the industry one day with Peter.

Looking ahead, Moles wants to drive awareness toward the long-term changes to consumer demands caused by COVID-19 and help SMBs capitalize on the rising opportunities by re-shaping their operations and consumer engagement facets via its GLIDEPATH Program. Additionally, with its expert-backed transaction services and a culture of customer excellence, is perfectly poised to become a game-changing partner for SMBs looking to make it big in the current marketplace.

Moles continues describing the future of his company by drawing an analogy with McDonald’s Ray Kroc, who introduced the drive-through order pick-up option as a new way for customers to get their food on-the-go. Moles believes that similar to the drive-through option, text-to-pay technologies and its applications in doorstep and curbside pick-up are poised to remain popular among consumers even after the pandemic-driven social distancing guidelines are over because it offers substantial simplicity and convenience over their legacy counterparts. In the same vain, merchants also need to build a digital presence that allows them to not only capitalize on the ever-increasing usage of social media but also learn newer ways to deliver value to their customers. Addressing this, the GLIDEPATH program provides comprehensive social media management and eCommerce website development on all its levels as a free add-on for the first 90 days with an option to discontinue at the end of the period. From a security perspective, the company’s program delivers the most robust TransArmor protection at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. To bring his parallel to a close, Moles asserts, “Every consumer today has a device in their hands, which basically means that they are always at a store. All business owners need to realize that with investments in the right technologies, they can turn the tables and bring customers to them, instead of the other way around.” With’ GLIDEPATH Program, merchants can find all the tools they need to transform their business operations and drive clientele growth under one portfolio at considerably lower prices of subscription.

In conclusion, Moles brings back the idea of hope and prayer, and states Isaiah verse 40:31, ‘But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.’ “This verse has always empowered and I believe that if SMBs continue to look forward and reinvent the way they operate, they can surely find the key to strategizing the American Way and achieve long-term success.”

"' goal is to make America become strong again by investing in you. Therefore, to take advantage of the state-of-the-art capabilities of a USD 10,000 eCommerce website that links to your brick-and-mortar address.

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