Digital Guardian: Designed to Stop Data Theft

Ken Levine, CEO, Digital GuardianKen Levine, CEO
Compliance has always been a mandatory requirement for organizations, but it’s not enough in today’s evolving threat landscape to just meet the laws and regulations. CIOs want to have a solution that not only helps them be compliant but also get protection from other threats, including malicious insiders or external attackers. “Digital Guardian was founded on the premise of protecting sensitive data whether it be to reduce risk or to demonstrate regulatory compliance,” begins Ken Levine, CEO of Digital Guardian. “Our threat aware data protection platform uniquely provides the visibility and control from the endpoint to the cloud while delivering the shortest time to value and lowest total cost of ownership.”

Digital Guardian’s mission has always been to provide ubiquitous data protection to organizations and corporations independent of the threat actor, data type, the system, application, device type or the point of access. Their unique data awareness and transformative endpoint visibility, combined with behavioral threat detection and response, provide a comprehensive security posture. “We carry this data centric security posture across the network and into the cloud thus adapting to today’s borderless networks,” adds Levine.

For more than ten years, Digital Guardian has enabled data-rich organizations to protect their most valuable assets with an on premises deployment or an outsourced Managed Security Program (MSP). Digital Guardian protects data in use primarily with their agent based Data Loss Prevention product. The company’s endpoint agent sees all desktop process to stop the user’s potentially risky action such as copy/paste, screenshot, or changing file extensions. Digital Guardian’s integrated network, cloud, and endpoint protection sees all data movement and can protect data across all vectors. A file containing regulated or sensitive data is tagged as such via context, content, or user based classification.

This document can move freely so long as users follow compliant and low-risk behaviors, if a user attempts, either unintentionally or maliciously, to send this file externally Digital Guardian can intervene to stop the action before it results in a data loss event.

We carry this data centric security posture across the network and into the cloud thus adapting to today’s borderless networks

With the Digital Guardian MSP’s compliance solution organizations can focus on strategic imperatives while the company’s security experts provide the resources needed for an enterprise data protection and privacy compliance program. For instance, Digital Guardian’s solution can discover and classify Personally Identifiable Information (PII)/Protected Health Information (PHI) across an organization—including servers, databases, endpoints and the cloud, monitor and control PII/PHI on network and endpoints, audit and protect PII/PHI in cloud storage such as Box or Office 365.

In an example, a globally renowned healthcare institution wanted to use the cloud to dramatically improve the ease and speed of sharing information across their multiple campuses and with their associates around the world to deliver better patient care. This could not be done without insuring the protection of PHI. Digital Guardian implemented their Cloud Data Protection with Box solution providing a means to facilitate collaboration, data exchange, and improved workflow within and outside the institution from research to the delivery of patient care.

The company has recently made two strategic acquisitions, Savant Protection, a highly specialized application whitelisting technology that extends Digital Guardian’s data protection to fixed function devices, such as POS systems and ATM machines, as well as ICS security. They also acquired Code Green Networks, which provides Digital Guardian with network, cloud and discovery capabilities for data loss prevention. “For the future ahead, we will continue to innovate and expand our product offering while growing our global footprint,” says Levine.