Datapro, Inc.: Next-Gen Core Banking Solution

Ricardo R. Montero, Founder, Datapro, Inc.Ricardo R. Montero, Founder
The benefit of core banking solutions is inclined towards more convenient transactions via alternative delivery channels such as the internet, mobile devices, ATMs rather than through the traditional brick-and-mortar branches. Leveraging a rich legacy of 40 years in the market, the Florida-based company, Datapro has understood the precise customer requirements and have added a robust set of complementary solutions to their core banking product suite to better serve the financial services industry. With a solutions portfolio that covers all the needs of a financial institution, today, Datapro has culminated as one of the world’s premier software development companies dedicated to the banking industry.

Datapro’s e-IBS (Integrated Banking System) core banking system is parameter driven, multicurrency and multibranch, supporting all the business units of a banking institution such as lending, retail, trade finance, branch automation, treasury, finance and accounting, payments and regulatory compliance. Their core banking system that meets all respective regulatory and reporting requirements is used by over 150 commercial banks, international and offshore banks, and central banks running in 28 countries. Additionally, Datapro has developed complementary products to serve other business needs of financial institutions such as the internet and mobile banking systems, business intelligence, customer relationship management and trust services.

Ricardo R. Montero, founder of Datapro understands that financial institutions cannot operate successfully with a cookie-cutter solution. “We strongly believe that each customer should have a customized product addressing their strategic needs,” says Montero. Datapro’s consulting services offering helps clients to adapt the system to meet any unique business needs.

Furthermore, Montero established Global Outsource Services over a decade ago to offer SaaS-based instead of on-premise services to provide another channel for financial institutions to use Datapro’s solutions without having to invest and maintain their own infrastructure. Montero cites an instance where, a Panama-based bank had to contend with high inefficiency ratios and operational costs resulting in losing its market share. Datapro was able to migrate them to their SaaS solution making them one of the leading competing banks in the market.

Our approach early on remains in place today – be committed, deliver a good product and listen to your customers

The team at Datapro observes that product obsolescence and time to market for new products as key challenges affecting the banking arena. In order to meet these challenges, Datapro’s solutions are offered with a maintenance agreement that provides customers the ability to upgrade to the latest versions of their products. “Our solutions are parameter driven thus enabling our customers to launch new products and services quickly without getting involved in software development,” adds Montero. The design of Datapro’s products allows rapid release of new products and services to meet and beat the competition.

A key differentiator with other vendors in the marketplace is that Datapro offers customers access to the source code and provides training on the development methodology enabling them to do some or all of the customization depending on their technical resources. Therefore, the customers can choose to jointly handle customizations by working closely with Datapro’s development team, assume part of the development or, if they choose, to fully handle customizations themselves.

Datapro is now expanding its product offerings and integration with payment networks and staying on the leading edge of technology with their key business partners that include IBM and Oracle. Datapro is expanding their reach into the U.S. domestic market in addition to maintaining a leadership role in the Latin- America region. “Our approach early on remains in place today–be committed, deliver a good product, and listen to your customers!” concludes Montero.