Crownpeak: Optimized and Compliant Digital Experience

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Darren Guarnaccia, CPO, CrownpeakDarren Guarnaccia, CPO
Companies today are struggling to keep pace with the growing customer demand for engaging digital and web experiences. The situation is even tougher in the highly regulated industries that usually deal with sensitive information. For example, cookie banners—a resultant of the stringent privacy regulations—strain the experience, choice, and accessibility for a prospective customer. Crownpeak is a digital experience solutions company that helps brands stay one step ahead of the customer demands and regulatory mandates. “While we streamline content management with high speed and efficiency, we do it with guard rails,” says Darren Guarnaccia, CPO at Crownpeak. The company’s digital experience platform and web management solutions help clients deliver relevant and personalized customer experiences while complying with the necessary regulatory requirements. Compliant with vertical-specific regulations—including SOC2 and FISMA— Crownpeak’s SaaS-based platform allows users to innovate with confidence. “Besides, our unmatched regulatory know-how, deep understanding of the evolving client challenges, agility to respond and reporting capability are second to none in the industry.”

Crownpeak’s digital experience platform allows companies to create attractive web and mobile experiences quickly. The platform not only allows users to create websites, web pages, and microsites but also alerts them to make the necessary changes to meet the most recent and acceptable standards of the industry that they operate in.

On the privacy front, Crownpeak’s digital governance tool allows users to scan a website and build the inventory details that depict all the marketing and advertising technologies currently in use to engage the online visitor. The UI built into the tool shows the orchestration of those technologies and their impact on the web experience, including the latency they induce.

Our unmatched regulatory know-how, deep understanding of the evolving client challenges, agility to respond, and reporting capability are second to none in the industry

It also provides access to the privacy policies of the ad tech companies and how the visitor’s data is eventually utilized. “We share these details with privacy officers and marketers of our clients, helping them build trust with their customers,” says Guarnaccia. What’s more, it protects the digital infrastructure from cyberattacks and helps clients meet the necessary compliance standards. The clients can configure the design, privacy policies, consent messages, responses to these, and options provided to the customers to create the best experience for them.

Further, Crownpeak’s digital quality tool—available as a standalone solution—identifies specific incorrect and broken links and notifies how the data complies with regulations. Irrespective of whether a client has single or multiple web content management systems, the digital quality tool offers visibility into all their web and digital properties. Once a client chooses all the laws they need to comply with, the tool automatically monitors in accordance to these, notifies them in case of non-compliance, and helps them take corrective actions.

Crownpeak’s clientele includes companies operating in highly regulated industries such as pharma, healthcare, financial services, and insurance, among others. One of their clients, a new pharma company emerging as spin out, faced tremendous challenges in conducting its operations due to the legacy web content management and digital marketing technologies used by its parent company. It faced an uphill task of having 50 different websites with 78 diverse languages up and running. With Crownpeak’s solutions, the client could converge the data from those 50 websites into 11 websites and migrate 11,000 web pages in just two months. They now launch new programs every four weeks, when it previously took them 6-9 months to do.

Crownpeak aces in offering technologies that are faster to deploy, easier to use, and have a lower cost of ownership. The company continues to help more brands optimize their digital platforms, enabling them to win customer trust and drive engagement.