Capco: Delivering Competitive Advantage with Compliance

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So Jene Kim, Partner, CapcoSo Jene Kim, Partner
In today’s highly regulated world, the constantly changing regulation has acutely impacted financial and risk management practices of banking organizations. The wake of new and strengthened regulations have created new complexities, high implementation costs and an increase in risk reporting for all banks and financial institutions forcing them to redefine their business models. They are also faced with operational and technological challenges to comply with the increasing regulations and to stay ahead of the curve. What banking organizations need today is reliable experts who not only understands the finance and risk converge, but also helps them build a robust compliance framework, support them in data supply chains, governance and reporting processes, as well as with interconnectivity.

One company that is stirring a revolution in the finance, risk convergence and compliance arena through their game-changing strategies, operational experience and RegTech expertise is Capco. The company exploits new technologies to successfully implement risk management and compliance programs aimed at aligning complex regulations in the financial services industry.

“At Capco, we understand the emerging trends that need to be addressed in the regulatory landscape and introduce our clients to some of the revolutionary technologies and capabilities through our digital innovation lab,” states So Jene Kim, Partner at Capco. “We are focused on giving our clients a more holistic approach to their problem and the different methods which ultimately pinpoint to the most fitting solution not only to deliver value to the bank in the present but also for the long run,” adds in Peter Dugas, Managing Principal at Capco’s Center of Regulatory Intelligence.

Besides Capco’s digital and data capabilities, the company has also built a Center of Regulatory Intelligence which functions in Washington DC and Europe.

Peter Dugas, Managing Principal, Center of Regulatory Intelligence
The team at Center of Regulatory Intelligence studies the political and legislative landscape and then helps financial institutions understand the specific regulatory requirements needed to build the most suitable system or technology to address their specifications. “Our team is a good mix of tech-focused people and digital innovators who keep track of the regulatory framework not just in the U.S, but also in other jurisdictions,” mentions So Jene.

Capco also offers managed services where in they perform some of the necessary activities that support regulatory compliance on behalf of the client providing them with end-to-end support, economic boost, and better efficiency. “With Capco’s global regulatory surveillance and intelligence capability, clients can proactively address their compliance or risk management hurdles,” remarks Dugas.

Capco’s consultants comprised of former chief risk officers, compliance officers and regulators combine their subject matter expertise and technical prowess to identify the client’s challenge accurately and map out a clear strategy.

Capco deals with clients ranging from Tier 1 investment banks to smaller community banks where the company identifies the regulatory challenges and exploits the improvement opportunities. One of the clients, a global financial institution chose Capco specifically to come in and help them with their CCAR compliance. They required a governance model which worked for their U.S entities while fulfilling their CCAR and regulation YY compliances. Capco conducted a SWOT and currency capability analysis, built a governance model as well as a management framework for their CCAR and enterprise risk compliance, and continues to support the financial organization in their regulatory requirements.

From a startup based in Belgium to a topnotch regulatory tech player, the company hit their 20th-anniversary milestone in 2018. Upcoming plans include enhancing Capco’s services to reach their full potential and be the provider of choice to their clients. “Through our digital lab, we want to bring about innovation so that our clients are able to make smarter and quicker decisions about renovating their processes,” says So Jene. Going forward, Capco intends to marry the worlds of financial services consulting and digital technology to make their client relationships stronger.