Barclaycard US: Enabling Users to Swipe and Spend Smartly

Curt Hess, Interim CEO , Barclaycard USCurt Hess, Interim CEO
When Diners Club launched the first ever merchandise charge card for travel and entertainment expenses in 1949, few took advantage. A lot has changed in the credit card industry since then as witnessed by the emergence of triumphant players like Barclaycard that boosted the number of card users, now in the billions. As the first credit card in the UK, Barclaycard part of Barclays Bank PLC is witnessing a whole new era, especially in the US “Adapting to the digital revolution is the biggest hurdle for today’s US credit card companies,” says Patrick Wright, Chief Operations and Technology Officer, Barclaycard. Organizations now redefine their IT systems to build connections with end users, who are using various technologies, to support their status quo. “Customer demand for mobile purchase and payment solutions is growing,” highlights Wright a demand spawned from Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) cards eclipsing magnetic stripes. As an early adopter of Apple Pay in the US, Barclaycard has committed to extending mobile payment options to all its card members via smartphones. Keeping an eye on digital wallets, Wright remarks, “Our goal is to explore all card member payment options, allowing them freedom to use their Barclaycard
accounts wherever they wish.”

Barclaycard US is known for helping consumers and businesses bring flexibility to transactions. “We use an integrated approach and know our partner’s brand, customer base, and product offerings inside and out,” says Craig Peters, Interim Chief Operations and Technology Officer, Barclaycard US. It allows Barclaycard US to design and market a complementary card program that enhances the partner’s brand reach and creates incremental value for their customers. With this, partners can attract new customers, increase loyalty, and drive sales and engagement with their brands.

As the framework of payment is changing, we continue to remain one step ahead in providing secure, compliant, yet simple to use solutions

For nearly 50 years, Barclaycard has been at the forefront of global payments technology, and has introduced innovative platforms that made payments easier, safer, and more convenient including chip and pin, online banking, contactless, and mobile payments. “As the framework of payment is changing, we continue to remain one step ahead by providing secure, compliant, yet simple to use solutions,” says Wright. Recently, Barclaycard rolled out a range of wearable payment devices to make ‘touch and go’ contactless payments across the UK. In the US, Barclaycard creates customized, co-branded credit card programs for travel, entertainment, retail, affinity, and financial institutions. The business also issues its own branded credit cards, such as the award-winning Barclaycard Arrival MasterCard.

Barclaycard US has invested heavily in innovative offerings and has rolled out unique platforms in the payment sector. These efforts can be seen across Barclaycard Peek, a mobile feature that allows customers to access basic account information available credit, payment due date, and statement balance without logging in to the app. “Seeing the success of Peek, we decided to make it available for customers on the Apple Watch and Apple Notification Center,” says Peters.

Upcoming Barclaycard US priorities include moving beyond the legacy systems of traditional financial services providers, and leading the way in developing a state-of-the-industry technology platform that delivers real-time information with payment transactions. Investments in big data technology, open source platforms, cloud, and automation are also on the priority list of Barclaycard US. “By embracing an agile delivery method and embedding DevOps into the heart of our technology platforms, we will create an entrepreneurial, collaborative community of innovation across the entire organization,” says Peters.