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Jouk Pleiter, CEO, BackbaseJouk Pleiter, CEO
In the past couple of years, the world witnessed the rise of financial technologies helping financial institutions automate and streamline their operations. Though not every bank has embraced technologies, technologically competent customer bases are promptly accepting these technological advances. A sought after name in the banking industry, and creator of banking engagement platforms is Backbase. The multi-national company helps financial institutions turn adversaries of digitalisation into opportunities and enhance their competitiveness.

Backbase enables its clients to swiftly and flexibly create and manage seamless customer experiences across any device and deliver high-quality business outcomes. The company offers a superior digital experience and softwares that rapidly empower its clients to grow and streamline their digital operations. Backbase has been frequently recognised by analysts Forrester, Gartner, India, and Celent as a front-runner in the global financial sector, with over 120 premier institutions employing its solutions. Founded in 2003 as a fintech company, Backbase has offices in Amsterdam, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, and many other countries. Built from scratch as a futuristic platform with customers and employees at the core, Backbase’s engagement banking platform easily integrates into existing core banking systems and come pre-integrated with the latest financial technologies. Given that users today expect a seamless and personalised experience, Backbase helps its clients modify their offerings and deliver their strategies, transforming various siloed banking channels and legacy applications.

The platform is a one-stop solution for all engagement activities, from onboarding to origination, serving to upselling. The platform is a ready-to-go application that can be easily extended and customised according to a company’s specific business goals.

The multi-national company helps financial institutions turn adversaries of digitalisation into opportunities and enhance their competitiveness

Backbase offers its solution as a cloud-based tool that can be accessed from any device. The company also provides APIs, SDKs and Design Systems to empower its clients to have complete control over their operations. Backbase explores the market, identifies innovative and latest features, and develops them even before its clients demand. The company constantly invests in solutions that exceed traditional banking operations and enable users to conduct all their financial processes from a single app. Backbase treats its customers as its partners and forges a trust-based relationship with them for the long haul. Citizens Bank, one of the largest banks in America, was looking for a financial solution to evaluate its priorities and risk falling behind customer expectations. Backbase collaborated with the bank and offered solutions that helped the bank provide a personalised customer experience and enhance revenue.

Citizen bank has been employing Backbase for several years now and has reconfigured its architecture and brought about a cultural change within the organisation. Backbase empowered it to build faster and add new functionality to its internal solutions at lesser costs. In a recent collaboration, Backbase partnered with eToro a multi-asset investment platform that enables users to grow their knowledge and wealth to enhance eToro’s digital onboarding capabilities and compliance infrastructure. Backbase will help eToro deploy a fully digitalised and seamless account opening process and KYC architecture to support the platform’s compliance across the customer lifecycle. PBB Deutsche P fandbrief bank has partnered with Backbase to digitalise its processes and empower its business development teams with a new portal that fosters innovation and high-quality customer services. The company recently won the Javelin Strategy and Research’s 2021 Small Business Digital Account Opening award for innovative solutions for small financial businesses. With its groundbreaking fintech solutions, it is evident that Backbase will revolutionise the financial sector in the post-covid era, foster excellence and enhance customer experience worldwide.

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Jouk Pleiter, CEO


Backbase's Engagement Banking Platform was built from the ground up as a single future-proof platform with customers and employees at its core. It easily plugs into existing core banking systems and comes pre-integrated with the latest fintechs, allowing financial institutions to go beyond banking and innovate at scale. The Backbase Omni-Channel Banking Platform, the company's software, integrates data and functionality from traditional core systems and new fintech providers into a unified customer experience across all digital touchpoints.