Axletree Solutions Embracing Automation in Treasury Management

Mohan Murali, CEO, Axletree SolutionsMohan Murali, CEO
Automation is becoming a mandate for various processes across industries. Its power minimizes time spent on simple tasks and enables employees to focus on higher order strategic thinking. Crowded with manual processes and disparate systems, treasury management lacks the automation quotient that eclipses its ability to maintain cash visibility and react to the changing demands of the market. “CFOs and Treasurers have struggled with the challenge of compliance and reporting, IT platform integrations and cash flow optimizations,” adds Mohan Murali, CEO, Axletree Solutions. “We are here to make sure that our partners win this uphill battle and gain operational excellence from their treasury management engagements.”

Treasury Automation Solutions (TAS) of Axletree, known as TREASURYTREE, answers all the questions associated with regulatory laws, cost control, and overwhelming IT dependency of the financial operations. “TREASURYTREE is not a just a treasury management platform, but an automation system that integrates all the disparate IT segments to drive unprecedented results for the audience,” says Murali. The platform is also imbued with modules to do several tasks such as FBAR, Bank Fee Analysis, and Bank Account Management which were not covered by traditional solutions. TREASURYTREE is a one-stop-shop, Software-as-a-Service platform providing complete visibility across finance operations, eliminating reconciliation risks and increasing the overall efficiency. “It is a nimble treasury platform that has helped Fortune 500s to optimize their treasury management operations,” adds Murali.

North Brunswick, NJ headquartered Axletree Solutions has also developed a prominent solution that optimizes connectivity to the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) network. Known as SWIFT Connectivity, the platform subjugates information silos and provides a standardized system for collaboration between banks and other organizations. As various organizations demand post implementation support for the acquired services, Axletree Solutions provides a complete realization of its deployed solutions throughout the project.

Learning from a decade of experience, we can run implementations of services across multiple organizations at the same time—completing the project in the promised time frame and within budget

“Learning from more than a decade of experience, we can run implementations of services across multiple organizations at same time completing the project in the promised time frame,” says Murali. It is quite a differentiator for Axletree Solutions as treasury management projects can stretch an extra year for its completion, consuming valuable resources of the pursuer. “This is why automation is becoming a disrupter in the industry,” highlights Murali.

While working with several tech titans and major banks of today, Axletree Solutions underlines cash visibility as the biggest demand. “Customers want to know where their cash is, and how market or currency fluctuations are affecting their finances,” says Murali. A well reputed name in the petro chemical space had the same demand—visibility across their bank accounts and liquidity. On leveraging Axletree Solutions’ tools, the customer was able to gain the transparency across all of its cash flow in just a two-month delivery window. Another customer of Axletree Solutions gained the same results saving over one million dollars annually on treasury management after implementing the company’s solution. “For both of our customers, we brought all the data visibility that eventually helped them to optimize their cash management and reconciliation,” says Murali.

The last two years have been a great run for Axletree Solutions the headcount has doubled and so has the company’s geographical presence. Axletree Solutions is serving in four major continents and plans to further expand their footprint. The company will be seen keeping a close tab on new, disrupting trends and innovations in the financial technology space to take it’s prominence to new horizons.