Aspida360: Holistic Approach to Family Wealth Management

Monroe “Roey” Diefendorf, Jr. Co-owner & Product Development, Aspida360Monroe “Roey” Diefendorf, Jr. Co-owner & Product Development

Traditional approaches to preserve and bequeath family legacy are presenting new challenges in wealth and knowledge transfers. Current reports from The Wharton Global Family Alliance and World Wealth Report suggest a 91 percent failure rate for wealth transfers caused due to the fractured relationships within families. Being an advisor for 48 years and an attorney, Monroe “Roey” Diefendorf, Jr. and Shawn Barberis carried out 15 years of extensive research on high-net-worth and multi-generational families that revealed seven reasons for wealth transfer failures—lack of meaningful communication, transparency, trust, shared family vision, formal structure, and the attitude of entitlement more than gratitude. “When it comes to family, wealth not only represents just the financial aspect but also involves “more than money” assets such as a family’s core values, legacy, traditions, philanthropy, and life experiences,” states Diefendorf, Jr., co-owner/Product Development of Aspida360. To dispel the seven sins of wealth accumulation, the duo pioneered ‘The More Than Money (MTM) Vault’—a web-based platform with a well-defined, step-by-step framework—that helps wealth and banking advisors to strengthen family unity and effectively facilitate multi-generational wealth transfers.

Aspida360’s “More Than Money” wealth planning provides a clear structure to manage the valuable and intangible non-monetary assets within a family while mitigating the rising rate of wealth transfer failures. “The MTM Vault acts as a roadmap for defining, perpetuating, and communicating family values across multiple generations,” says Barberis, Aspida360’s founder. Steering away from the practice of dividing inheritance among heirs, The MTM Vault gathers and stores valuable information from all the family members into a transparent central repository data system, which builds trust within the family. The MTM Vault’s dashboard not only allows wealth advisors to engage an unlimited number of families, it also provides an option to select a specific family, view each of the connected family members, and display the status of each family member in the ‘more than money’ wealth management process.

The MTM Vault acts as a roadmap for defining, perpetuating, and communicating family values across multiple generations

“It’s not only about a legal transfer of monetary assets, but also perpetuating intangible wealth,” adds Barberis. Aspida360’s transparent approach allows each family member to openly view information pertaining to other members and facilitates discussions about not only the financial wealth but also personal and social wealth—helping families transfer values, not just valuables.

Shawn Barberis, Financial Advisor, Aspida360Shawn Barberis, Financial Advisor
The MTM Vault stands as the only digital family unity and wealth preservation platform to preserve a family’s wealth in a mobile, secure with full-time access with easy to navigate dashboards. Through interactive dashboards and latest mobile capabilities, the MTM vault quickly generates a deeper, stronger family unity and preserves multi-generational wealth over time. The platform’s friendly user interface allows families to spend less time in forcefully creating the unity, and allots more time to enjoy it with other family members.

“The foundation of Aspida360’s MTM Vault has made the dream—of building family unity, values, and philanthropy while assuring multi-generational wealth preservation— come true,” asserts Diefendorf, Jr. With countless successful family transformations and wealth transfers, Aspida360 is on a constant search for leading technologies and approaches that will help further strengthen family bonds.