Accutech Systems Corporation: Redefining the Trust and Investment Industry

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Adam Unger, President, Accutech Systems CorporationAdam Unger, President
For individuals and families that have spent their lifetimes building a fortune, appropriate transfer of wealth to the next generation is as formidable a challenge as their journey from rags to riches. The primary step to ensuring a well-planned and structured wealth transfer must, therefore, involve transparent conversations between wealth creators and beneficiaries, facilitated by a reliable wealth manager or advisor. Such conversations also enable wealth managers and advisors to establish trustworthy relationships with the next generation way before the actual wealth transfer takes place. Accutech Systems Corporation provides wealth managers, advisors, as well as trust officers with advanced solutions that allow them to strike and maintain these conversations more effectively.

Bolstered by the recent acquisition of the financial planning solution provider, Money Tree, Accutech’s offerings enable clients to better connect with the next generation, thoroughly understanding their thoughts, perspectives, and how they intend to deal with their inheritance. “It not only makes our clients a reliable source in the eyes of the inheritors at an early age but also helps them retain their working relationships with families even after the passing of patriarchs/ matriarchs. With the Money Tree acquisition, we are well positioned to provide an end-to-end support and technology model to assist clients in this regard,” says Adam Unger, president at Accutech.

Accutech’s technology stack is compartmentalized, future-proof, and seamlessly allows for integrations and modifications—such as incorporating the Money Tree financial planning software into the existing toolsets—without impacting other applications. “While most of our competitors still run legacy systems, our philosophy involves keeping clients ahead of the technology curve by providing them modernized tools that help increase operational efficiencies and grow their business,” claims Dan Wright, executive director of strategy at Accutech.

Accutech’s offerings enable clients to better connect with the next generation, thoroughly understanding their thoughts, perspectives, and how they intend to deal with their inheritance

As part of these innovation efforts, the company constantly updates its “Accutrust Cheetah” offering, which has a proven track record of delivering at least a 20 percent increase in operational efficiency to its users. Accutrust Cheetah is a hosted solution and a one-stop shop for various wealth management tools, allowing wealth managers and advisors to serve their clients from any location. Furthermore, an end client portal helps Accutech customers present a high-tech, high-touch image to their clients.

At the very beginning of the client onboarding and system conversion processes, Accutech focuses on getting a clear picture of their needs from a cultural as well as a software standpoint. The company has created proprietary tools for providing appropriate training to clients for effective conversions. “In our industry, these conversions are often lengthy and demand significant investments. In order to provide more value to clients, we ensure that we regularly update the product through the multi-year lifecycle in an agile manner,” states Wright. Accutech has introduced a monthly cadence of software improvement updates along with a number of releases in the past 12 months that were a direct result of enhancement requests from clients.

Every year, Accutech conducts brainstorming sessions with clients, bringing out ideas that would positively impact their businesses. “A client proposed the idea for tools that would provide a holistic view of the relationships around a particular account and a way to engage the next generation of customers. And during our recent conference, we rolled out a toolset for that purpose within the Cheetah product,” mentions Wright. To continue accommodating increasing client demands, Accutech will soon move to a new property that’s more than three times bigger than their current facility.