360factors: Pioneering Modern Risk and Compliance Management Automation Technology

Ed Sattar, CEO, 360factorsEd Sattar, CEO
Today, risk management is vital in a financial organization’s decisionmaking process. However, uncertainty in business markets and augmentation of the regulation process in the financial sectors are devastating consumer perception and reducing shareholder value. The banking regulatory compliance tools that can promise reliability are ineffective in the present day regulation scenario. In addition, the use of multifaceted tools across various departments amplifies cost, produces silos and suspicion in data, which prevents risk and compliance executives to make intellectual and appropriate decisions. Addressing the need of the hour, 360factors provides cloud based Enterprise Risk and Compliance Management automation technology and services to organizations. “We enable customers to improve business performance by reducing risk and ensuring compliance,” begins Ed Sattar, CEO of 360factors.

Apart from regulatory risk and compliance management software, the company also provides advisory services to address Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) or Anti Money Laundering (AML), internal audit, and information security solutions. “We help create compliance programs to address requirements from FDIC, FRB, OCC, CFPB, FRR, FCC, FTC, NCUA, FINRA and other regulations through a simple yet effective regulatory risk and change management model and methodology,” adds Sattar. Replacing the outdated banking tools, the company is meeting the risk and compliance demands of banking institutions cost-effectively and efficiently.

360factors also provides consultative services for Home Management Disclosure Act (HMDA) data management. Through their products, the company automates organizations’ collection, verification and certification of HMDA data without increasing loan processing time or the need to retrain staff. This eradicates massive amount of time required for manual data clean-up.

The company’s product, Predict360 utilizes mapping and cognitive computing technologies to deliver regulatory insight, foresee risks and drive operational excellence.

“Our platform is enterprise regulatory risk and compliance as well as department specific GRC software that vertically integrates manifold modules providing management with optimal visibility into complete risk and compliance aspects of the firm,” notes Sattar. In addition, Predict360 offers industry specific workflows and paraphernalia adapting to the requirements of functional managers, allowing them to administer their everyday threat and compliance tasks to increase competency, suppleness, quality, and productivity.

Predict360 can be used as a standalone web-based application and also as a part of an integrated regulatory change management solution Predict360 can be used as a standalone web-based application and also as a part of an integrated regulatory change management solution

Built as a user friendly interface, Predict360 also incorporates policies, procedures, audit, inspections, and on-line training in a single platform. The solution essentially enables organizations to identify, quantify, monitor, and manage risk across the enterprise. Simultaneously, the product accesses the environmental, financial, legal, reputation, and safety impact and likelihood of a risk at the business unit level. Integrating internal controls, Predict360 provides a fullyintegrated Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution, which facilitates organizations to minimize danger and make strategic decisions. “Predict360 can be used as a standalone web-based application and also as a part of an integrated regulatory change management solution,” assures Sattar.

An experienced team of innovators backs the unparalleled suite of services offered by 360factors. For more than a decade and spanning across multiple industries, Sattar has made significant professional contributions to the regulatory compliance space. His experiences include extensive research and consulting to regulatory education and training providers as well as state and federal regulatory agencies. “With a vast experience in the industry, 360factors team extends end to end solution to our customers through combination of process, technology and operation knowledge,” concludes Sattar. Forging ahead, the company plans to innovate and help various financial institutions worldwide.