360 View: Empowering Organizational Growth by Enhancing Customer Experience

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David Acevedo, Senior VP & National Sales Director, 360 ViewDavid Acevedo, Senior VP & National Sales Director
The tables have turned on the operating environment for financial institutions as customers now expect a more personalized experience. The digital-first customers want their banks and credit unions to offer tailored services that take into account their needs and priorities. Acknowledging the significance of customer-centric services, financial institutions have started to leverage data to deliver a personalized customer experience. The amount and accuracy of data now available allow banks to run an efficient program around their business processes, encompassing sales, marketing, and operations. To empower banks and credit unions to fully use their data, 360 View takes center stage with a growth platform that delivers all the necessary tools to improve efficiency and productivity. “Our growth platform is more than a CRM solution,” states David Acevedo, Senior VP and National Sales Director at 360 View about the platform. He further adds, “In addition to CRM, our platform encompasses marketing automation, profitability, analytics, pop-up technology and goals and incentives automation.”

360 View provides these tools through its growth platform for a comprehensive and consistent customer experience throughout the organization. Based on each bank’s unique programs, the platform can help identify a customer’s next likely product, enabling the bank to offer the right product at the right time. “Our growth platform enables both our clients and their customers to grow and build a meaningful and profitable relationship,” says Acevedo on the unique value proposition of 360 View. The platform allows referral, service resolution, and pipeline tracking, all with comprehensive reporting. The solution also offers personalized dashboards that enable users to obtain a full understanding of their customer base and manage sales leads, service requests and employee performance. 360 View has API services, enabling banks to interact with other ancillary systems.

Our growth platform enables both our clients and their customers to grow and build a meaningful and profitable relationship

Adding flexibility and uniqueness to its services, 360 View delivers an employee performance measurement tool that automates key performance measures and tracks incentive programs for employees.

What makes the growth platform of 360 View work for clients is its offering of true intelligence. The platform allows the financial institution to offer customized experiences based on the customer's demographic and wealth data. A personalized data-driven approach permits the banks and credit unions to pinpoint their marketing efforts to the appropriate customers. To add to the company's promise of excellence, 360 View also automates these marketing efforts, making the entire customer journey seamless.

One of the most distinctive factors of 360 View—they are bankers who have built a solution for other bankers. They know the business and have demonstrated this in the development of their growth platform. They are devoted to improving the profitability of their financial institutions. The platform offers extensive insights into relationships and profitability which allow financial institutions to strengthen their relationship with their existing customers as well as make new ones. An engaging customer success story that validates 360 View’s promise of impeccable service delivery is that of a billion dollar bank in Maine. The bank, through a survey, discovered that 46 percent of its top 20 percent of clients were not happy with the level of service of the bank. The 360 View service resolution module enabled them to implement workflows around customer issues resulting in better communication and response times. The bank reported a 41% increase in customer issue resolution.

So many systems offer CRM as a stand-alone solution. 360 View’s Growth Platform, hosted or non-hosted, goes beyond CRM providing all the tools necessary to bridge sales, marketing and operations. With a dedicated and experienced team at the helm, 360 View continues to strive towards enhancing the customer experience, both for their clients and their clients’ customers.