1787fp: Democratizing the Financial Planning and Financial Services Market

Jean Jacques Borno, CFP® Founder & CEO, 1787fpJean Jacques Borno, CFP® Founder & CEO
Having worked for 15 years as a financial advisor in numerous premier financial services firms such as Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, Jean Jacques Borno, Founder and CEO of 1787fp became well versed with the wealth management business. Usually, clients with one million or more investments are often targets of big brokerage firms and have access to advisors, money managers, and processes for years. On the other hand, rising professionals cannot afford the high minimum investments required by the established financial firms. “After I obtained my CFP® license, I thought that there had to be a way to offer the middle-class and emerging investors the same systems that wealthy clients and large institutions have used for years to build and maintain wealth,” says Borno.

That thought was the foundation for the conception of 1787fp in 2016. The firm’s unique name was inspired by a Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia in 1787, while the ‘fp’ in the name stands for financial planning. “I believe applying financial planning principles and tools can help more people achieve their financial goals faster,” states Borno.

The firm created powerful tools for customers to work toward financial independence, the first tool of which is to track finances. Since managing finances is a very time-consuming process but essential to set up financial goals, 1787fp provides a free consolidated view of all financial accounts through its software, built precisely for mobile apps. It makes visualizing and monitoring of the financial accounts easy, allowing customers great user experience.

The second financial tool is to manage investments. While affluent clients and investors have access to best advisors, money managers, and processes by big brokerage firms, 1787fp designs a custom investment portfolio to cater to the needs of middle-class and emerging investors. This approach is based on the client’s goals and tolerance for risk. The third software tool is to monitor credit. As credit scores play a huge role in buying a house or apartment or getting a job, 1787fp makes it easy to monitor and improve credit scores by providing free access.

To ensure that the user experience is great, 1787fp has spent time a lot of time talking to users and testing the 1787fp software to provide a solution that helps users navigate financial noise and take the most direct path to achieving their financial goals

To ensure that the user experience is great, 1787fp has spent a lot of time talking to users and testing its software to provide a solution that helps one get straight to one’s financial goals and budgeting. For instance, if a recently graduated individual starts working at a big tech firm such as Google, Facebook, Netflix or Amazon and receives a decent salary and bonus, over time, he/ she would start investing with the right guidance, which the firm provides with its well-designed software, helping achieve financial independence. Moreover, the firm spends much time trying to plug systems together from advisory and user standpoints, enabling communication between the two.

1787fp was selected for South by Southwest Tech Startup Spotlight and Techcrunch Disrupt in New York City last year. Besides, 2018 will witness the launch of new software that the firm has been working on to help more people work towards financial independence! “Over time, a lot of financial institutions and organizations would want to offer the 1787fp’s financial platform either to increase their financial acumen or to help their employees make smart financial choices,” concludes Borno.