The experts' view on next generation RegTech solutions

Anastasios Ttiniozou, Executive Director, iSPIRALAnastasios Ttiniozou, Executive Director,iSPIRAL
With a story spanning 14 years, iSPIRAL is firmly positioned as a leading regulatory technology provider.

The company has always enjoyed an open innovation approach that enables extraordinary insight into the latest tools, knowledge, and expertise within the regulatory technology sector. And this technological prowess has enabled the development of RegTek+, a complete Client Lifecycle Management, KYC & AML Solution: truly pioneering software which signposts the future of regulatory technology solutions.


The outcome of years of experience working with firms who maintain vast international operations, the cutting-edge tech of RegTek+ has redefined the way compliance tasks are performed.

Whilst minimising task time and operational costs, the solution’s machine learning ensures the platform is constantly up-to-date with the latest global regulations and news. It also allows for real-time monitoring and effortless client onboarding, both of which contribute positively to the overall client experience.

Able to identify behavioural patterns instantly and flawlessly, RegTek+ performs accurate transaction monitoring and screening, utilising the platform’s access to global and governmental databases to allow firms to verify over 4.5 billion identities and extend into new countries and regions, all whilst adapting effortlessly to the local verification landscape.

Perhaps the solution’s most distinguishing feature is its ability to adapt to any organisational structure without the need for the termination of any preexisting solutions and/or compliance processes.

Offered both as on-premise and software as a service (SaaS) to satisfy any operational preferences, this fully customisable solution ensures firms can deconstruct and reconstruct the software, employing only the modules which are absolutely required. At the same time, the solution’s state-of-the-art user interface ensures quick and easy usability, which enhances both employee performance and the client experience.


A key contributor to iSPIRAL’s success is its ability to form meaningful, fruitful partnerships which are invaluable to the strengthening of its dynamic solutions and help to achieve expansion into new global markets. Collaborating with many of the most recognisable brands in the world (and constantly expanding its reach), iSPIRAL works with tech-leading companies in many regions around the world, including within the EU, UK, Africa and Asia.

iSPIRAL is a multifaceted organisation which not only delivers attention to detail in the provision of its exceptional regulatory technology solutions, but also invests strongly in its internal operations. The firm takes great pride in its iMATTER program, created to promote an ideal work environment for its employees. iMATTER advocates equal opportunities in recruitment and promotion, reconciliation of work and family life, training and development of employees, and condemnation of sexual harassment. These efforts to provide high working standards have recently been recognised by numerous international awards bodies, as well as by the Cypriot Ministry of Labour, which has distinguished the company as one of the 8 best places to work in Cyprus.

To date, iSPIRAL has helped hundreds of companies securely, effectively and effortlessly operate and comply on a global scale. Its expertise spans various sectors including Banking and other Financial Services, Investment, Forex, Insurance, Payments, Accounting and Audit, Legal firms, and High Risk Corporates.
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