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Uwe Schenk, Founder and Managing Director, CORYX Software GmbHUwe Schenk, Founder and Managing Director,CORYX Software GmbH
CORYX is your experienced software specialist for professional asset and wealth management. Our goal is innovative and intuitive financial software that meets your individual requirements for high-performance management solutions. Our CORYX iO product family offers banks, asset managers, family offices and institutional investors the investment management platform tailored to their respective needs. Your particular advantage is that each product can be individualized with numerous functions according to your requirements. Covering all bankable and non-bankable assets for the family offices, CORYX provides comprehensive evaluation with a high level of individualization, risk monitoring, accurate accounting and corporate actions and a high degree of automation.

Asset & wealth management means not only working with values, but also being successful through values. As software, CORYX iO embodies those essential values that allow maximum output to follow your input: freedom through flexibility, risk minimisation through control and overview, individuality tailored to your personal requirements. Success is based on performance – and performance is based on advanced technology. Our software creates values and delivers results. With us as your partner, you gain performance that pays off. Requirements and structures differ within the financial sector – and so do solutions. To meet the specific requirements of our clients, we have designed four different CORYX iO platforms, which take into account the various circumstances of the industry and can also be modified individually. Do not be satisfied with a uniform one-way solution; we present to you a platform that is really made for (and by) you.

Our Products:

CORYX iO Amethyst is our solution for banks. Almost two decades of experience have taught us the challenges that banks meet in asset & wealth management day to day.
We grow and evolve with your expectations of what software should be able to do – that is why we introduce you to CORYX iO Amethyst: an asset management software that is tailored to your requirements, your challenges, your success.

With CORYX iO we created a software for Family Offices that allows you to face the challenges regarding wealth management with flexibility. This way you can run your business more efficiently. Manage securities accounts with several banks in one system and simplify your workflow, for example through transaction uploads. Outsource your IT to CORYX as your Application Service Provider.

CORYX iOSodalite is our solution for asset management. Thanks to our years of experience as a partner of the financial sector, we understand the challenges asset managers meet in digital wealth management. With CORYX iOSodalite you can use the rebalancing feature for an efficient and productive implementation of risk structures or the automated report folders for your client reporting.

CORYX iO Carnelian is our solution for Institutional Investors. Analyse your holdings – including the allocation of funds – and design your order management workflows according to the 4-eyes-principle.
The structure of our four CORYX iO products Amethyst, Sodalite, Emerald and Carnelian consists of three modules. Each and every one of them is essential for your work. With the Business, Admin and Tech modules you are able to work efficiently and goal-oriented on all levels.

The Business Module is the heart of CORYX iO and designed for efficient asset and wealth management. The numerous order management functions for securities, financial investments, foreign exchange transactions and account movements as well as for evaluation, controlling and risk monitoring make your work more transparent, more secure and more productive.

The administration and organisation of users, data and authorisations is the basis of result-oriented work. With the functions in our Administration Module, you are optimally organised and can act and react at any time and straight out.

Innovative and proven technologies in CORYX iO stand for reliability, performance and sustainability. With our Tech Module and service options such as outsourcing, installation and customising or support for use, for example, as a Robo Advisor, you get a new range of options and possibilities.

CORYX iO makes sure that your individuality is the solution for your success.
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