BRITech brings efficiency, productivity and scalability to your business, reducing costs and improving your customer services

Yuryi Ferber, Co-Founder & CEO, BritechYuryi Ferber, Co-Founder & CEO,Britech

BRITech is a leading-edge SaaS investment management platform –with an experienced team behind it. The platform blends efficiency, simplicity and flexibility into an online suite that fully supports the needs of both front- and back-office operations. As a complete solution with open-ended configurability, we think BRITech is likely to be the last platform our clients will ever need.

Since 2014, BRITech has grown from a regional solution provider based in Brazil into a truly global presence with 13 offices around the world supporting a rapidly growing client list of over 300 clients managing over $1 trillion in AUC. Customers include some of the world's leading brokers, distributors, FinTech, asset managers, wealth managers, single family offices, multi-family offices, and private banks.

Customers select BRITech because we are not only highly configurable investment management software, but a deeply experienced team that works closely with them to understand their unique needs, develop a strategic implementation plan, and deliver best-of-breed solutions that enable their continued growth to meet their goals. This dedication to customer success, supported by our commitment to go far beyond our competitors in customization, configuration, and customer support keeps BRITech at the top of the list for client satisfaction and reference ability -- key to driving our continued global growth.

Our team delivers peace of mind to our customers. With BRITech, companies know they will receive exactly what they need.

Why BRITech?

Our platform addresses the demanding challenges faced by the most sophisticated users and supports their needs through these key dimensions:

• Innovation / Our technology is disruptive, flexible, and firmly on the leading edge. And we are always evolving to help you.

• Solid Business Model / Private/wealth management, asset management, custodians & fund administrators, brokers/DTVM, family offices, insurance companies.

• Experienced Team / Over 20 years of experience with a strong track-record of success.

• Satisfied Clients / One of the highest NPS scores in the industry, because our team ensures client success.

• Flexible Pricing Model / Our pricing is kept very accessible and is designed specifically to support small- and mid-sized business budgets.

The BRITech platform has 6 core components:

• CRM, where the user journey and the client experience really starts. The streamlined, advisor-centric CRM developed by BRITech supports digitally onboarding client data and easily acclimating their clients to the platform.

• PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT, which is a multi-asset class, multi-currency blend of tools that allows you create model portfolios, setup assetrules, assetallocation, and enables you to easily setup the investment side of your business and portfolios.
• RISK AND COMPLIANCE, the solution to the pre- and the pos-trade compliance, creating the specific compliance checks and risk management checks against individual client portfolios or funds under management. These checks can be running continuously and allow you to stay compliant and demonstrate your compliance to regulators and auditors.

• TRADE ORDER MANAGEMENT, after you have setup your clients, your portfolios, and your checks, now you are ready to trade, and this tool integrates with all of the external data sources you need. Integrating with any provider, broker, or custodian, the platform lets you pull data in and out with error-free confidence, speed, and automation. The trade order management system is the optimal suite to let you trade, rebalance your portfolios, and take advantage of many other cool features.

• BILLING, for when the work is done and it is time for you to get paid for the great service you have provided. The billing module allows our clients to automate the performance fees, management fees and any other type of fees that their business might have. The system eliminates the manual chore of calculation and verification by handling all of the complex fees calculations automatically.

• PORTAL, and the most popular segment of our platform, our PORTAL dashboard suite, is both the investor portal and client portal. This module lets our customers and their investor clients benefit from state-of-the-art presentation tools that allow you to visualize portfolio performance, risk management, and any other area of financial performance in exactly the format and presentation you need to be confident and up-to-date.

Key Benefits

• One Solution / The platform has been designed as a single source, end-to-end solution for our clients and their investor clients.

• Modular, Flexible Design / The entire system is modular, and can deploy according to client needs in a very flexible and easier manner, filling the white space and functionality gaps needed to complete your business and client needs.

• Unparalleled Support / And very critically, our support team is there when you need them. As good as any technology may be, it’s no substitute for a strong customer support team that is responsive and knowledgeable. This is something that we are very proud of and are known for – our support team and local/regional specialists who help answer any type of query you have, any time you need it.

• Modern, Fast, and Simple, yet Powerful / Our platform is built on state-of-the-art, mobile-responsive components. We provide a simple user interface that hides the underlying complexity of our platform. The knowledge acquired from 20+ years developing financial systems is key to our success.

• Flexible / We are a truly bespoke firm with a versatile platform, which enables us to customize our solution to suit client demands, under a single code base, resulting in less maintenance and overall cost.

• Customer Centric / Our goal is maintaining a highly satisfied customer base, building long-term strategic partnerships. Our customers' feedback about our services and solutions is invaluable to us.

• Truly Global / BRITech provides multi-language and multi-currency support, bringing together experiences from different markets across the globe, allowing our customers to thrive in a truly connected world.

• Affordable / At BRITech we are betting our strategy on organic growth and word-of-mouth referrals, allowing us to charge reasonable prices, not influenced by stakeholders’ pressure.

• Complete and Digital / Our platform is a real one-stop-shop-digital-solution composed of many modules, freeing our customers of integration headaches and dependency on multiple vendors.
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