SunGard Financial Systems: Flexible Core Banking Solutions

, SunGard-Financial-Systems With the rise of the enterprise machinery, banks have to focus on satisfying an increasingly diverse and growing customer base. With many core banking operations metamorphosing from paper and time intensive processes into streamlined digital algorithms, banks have evolved to stay in-step with the rapid enterprise growth. Banking and financial companies rely on core banking solutions to individually serve their diverse client base, comprising of individuals, commercial banks, and firms. However, this increases the complexity of banking operations inviting errors and oversights that can cost a bank dearly. “To run a modern-day bank, one needs to have a banking system with comprehensive instruments and products that can handle retail deposits, lending and balance sheet management, and has flexible product factory and pricing tools,” says Russ Fradin, President and CEO of SunGard.

The Pennsylvania-based software solutions provider, SunGard, offers a host of finance-oriented solutions designed to ease banking operations for clients around the world. Leveraging trends like mobile, online, and tablet banking into their offerings, SunGard has helped banks in incorporating these trends into the workflow. The firm’s flagship offering for core banking needs, the Ambit Core Banking (ACB) solution, has helped many banks in managing and organizing their balance sheet growth. “The Ambit Core Banking solution is a services-oriented architecture that has helped our clients in rapid adoption of leading industry practices and embracing enterprise-wide risk management strategies in a cost-effective manner,” says Fradin. Leveraging ACB, users can expand the scope of the core banking system by optimizing the balance sheet profile to have fluid funds transfer pricing, liquidity management, and asset liability management. The solution also helps the customer in adopting a strategic balance sheet management framework to promote scalability and data accuracy.

The feature to run simulations on customer and bank behavior can be leveraged to gain insights to measure liquidity risks.

“The solution also creates a channel between risk analysis and transactional systems to strengthen balance sheet management capabilities through operational learning,” says Fradin.

The offerings from SunGard have helped many new banks to achieve business efficiency. The Charter Savings Bank (CSB) from UK is no stranger to the benefits of SunGard solutions. After the recent global financial crisis, the banking market space attracted numerous players in UK. However, to attain a banking license and meet regulatory demands for risk and treasury operations, organizations must exhibit secure and efficient systems for liquidity and capital management, stress testing, scenario analysis, and dynamic balance sheets. With SunGard as the bank’s partner, CSB employed the Ambit Treasury Management platform which supported treasury, risk and balance sheet management on a single platform. The solution helped CSB to meet the requirements and enter the market swiftly. The Treasury Management platform also eased the deposit gathering and helped in making informed funding decisions.

The solution also creates a channel between risk analysis and transactional systems to strengthen balance sheet management capabilities through operational learning

SunGard has been able to reach many clients in the early stages of entering the banking market space, like Charter Savings Bank, due to the flexible pricing model. “The elastic pricing models, that we offer is componentized, like our architecture. This helps our clients in preventing the depletion of their capital,” nods Fradin.

In the days to come, SunGard will continue to stay on the leading edge of banking technology through innovation and continual commitment to delivering leading-edge banking solutions to clients.