Q2: Securing Virtual Banking through Integrated Solutions

, Q2 The recent upsurge in smartphone technology is significantly paving way to improve overall customer experience within the mobile banking landscape. Financial institutions are taking the digital route in a highly competitive business environment to meet the consumer expectations from mobile banking. However, increased security risks and data breaches have always been major obstacles in the mobile banking ecosystem. Therefore, building a strong connection between banks and their account holders through a simple channel is the ultimate requirement to give an integrated and engaging banking experience. “Q2 offers integration between the web, voice, mobile and tablet banking channels, and supports cross-channel Multi-Factor Authentication and open vendor integration with the financial institution’s other third-party applications,” begins Matt Flake, CEO and President, Q2.

Q2 is a company based in Austin, TX leveraging the power of virtual banking to grow accounts, increase market share, and become more influential within the communities they serve. The company has staged a comprehensive single platform rendering mobile banking solutions across community banks, credit unions, and regional banks.

The Q2 platform enables banks to add new mobile access points for their mobile-first customers securely. It allows financial institutions to have their customers, who prefer mobility, to begin their virtual branch experience from their mobile devices. Q2mobility Apps, powered by the Q2 platform, are designed and engineered with a tablet-first approach, integrating multi-layered and multi-device security. This addresses the security concerns on data breaches and fraud network. “Q2 integrates user authentication, transaction authorization, and endpoint interrogation, all together, to secure mobile banking strategy,” adds Flake. The Q2 platform architecture enables an unparalleled integration of technology solutions for a compelling unified user experience.

It also allows mobile banking users to select their desired language and stylistic theme in the Q2mobility apps on their devices for their banking operations. The language functionality and thematic preferences are then automatically applied to all of their e-banking devices. Q2mobility apps also have bill pay and mobile remote deposit capture functionality that is supported on both tablets and smartphones. This is a cost-effective solution provided to clients. Q2 platform has made mobile banking a lot easier and more insightful for the account holders. The platform possesses versatile data and uniform functionality to give a consistent and unified user experience across all mobile devices.“Q2 delivers the functionality, flexibility, and experience so that clients can live up to the expectations of their mobile-first account holders,” remarks Flake. Q2mobility apps are designed in such a way that commercial functionality is built right into the native apps. This helps financial institutions to acquire new customers while retaining the current ones.

Q2 integrates user authentication, transaction authorization, and endpoint interrogation, all together, to secure mobile banking strategy

The Q2 platform simplifies the banking operations in a very secure way, empowering financial institutions to compete strategically in today’s ever-changing marketplace. The mobile banking solutions rendered by the robust platform have benefited many of their clients. The company provides them the necessary tools and products to meet the customers’ mobile banking expectations.
Q2 builds a strong foundation for financial institutions to have a successful virtual banking future. The company integrates business critical technology with engaging user experience to make mobile banking a convenient platform. “We will continue to innovate, build great products, and help our customers to grow vehemently,” adds Flake. Q2 believes in “The Power of One”—one interface, one management view, and one unified virtual banking experience for retail and commercial—all from one login.