Kony: Write Once, Run Everywhere

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In today’s tech savvy world, everyone prefers to have all their requirements met through mobile applications or other online means. “They no longer prefer to be physically present somewhere to get what they want,” states Thomas Hogan, CEO, Kony. This calls for applications for various services ranging from booking a flight tickets to hiring a cab, and mobile banking. Enter Kony—a mobile application development platform for building mobile, tablet, desktop, and kiosk applications. It is also one of the fastest growing cloud-based Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP) in the industry. “We have over 600 live multi-channel apps that cater to over 20 million end users, across 45 countries, generating over 1 billion sessions,” says Hogan. “We are able to do so by providing an integrated Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) platform to define, design, develop, test, deploy, and manage multi-channel applications from a single code base.”

Kony delivers its clients user-first experiences that allow them to get to market faster and lower their application’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Offering a suite of more than 30 ready-to-run business-to-employee and business-to-customer applications, Kony is enabling customers to quickly ex¬tend their business. From provid¬ing their clients and end users with solutions as quick start templates and task-based apps, Kony Apps are pre-built and purpose-built for business. These applications address every aspect of the business—from board room to back office—and deliver a multi-edge experience that is secure, scalable, and exceeds client expectations.

In addition, Kony’s solutions are compatible with every OS, making it easy and convenient for clients and users. Today, its applications are being used by clients like Citi, Huntington, SUNTRUST, aetna, ABN-AMRO, Schweppes, and Rheem.

Kony’s Retail Banking application delivers unified and personalized user experience across every interaction point with the bank irrespective of the mobile device. The app allows the bank to deliver a unique experience for each channel.

Personalized banking reduces cost of engagement, helps with targeted campaigns, and enables banks to drive new revenue streams with customized campaigns.“It reduces risk mitigation, while adhering to compliance, making it convenient to access market insight without having to take out time to physically visit the bank,” says Hogan.

For instance, consider a global bank with 80 million customers worldwide that invested in mobile assets through Kony’s solution. The client needed a robust and cross-platform mobile solution that enabled full service banking on any mobile device, to have desired impact on existing and new customers. A multi-country rollout across all OSes in several languages and currencies was planned. It had to incorporate existing features without disruption of service or incurring unreasonable overhead costs. Kony quickly delivered an up and running global mobile application, without sacrificing performance through its “Write Once, Run Everywhere,” technology. Using a single code base, Kony was able to keep development costs down compared to traditional one-by-one application development.

“We also provided an opportunity to the client to address future challenges through OS updates and device improvements as soon as they are available,” says Hogan. All these offerings allowed the client to achieve crucial integration of web-based services as well as location-based services like ATMs and branch locators and mobilized core banking services for customers.

We have over 600 live multi-channel apps that cater to over 20 million end users, across 45 countries, generating over 1 billion sessions

Going forward, Kony looks to have a larger global presence and footprint, while continuing to focus on delivering their customers the best of technological advancements. They also strive to constantly innovate, to raise the bar for themselves and their competitors alike.