Jumio: Delivering Seamless Document Authentication Capabilities

, Jumio The proliferation of technologies, especially the cloud, has revamped a number of banking operations. These technologies have brought in automation and reduced manual processes—providing banks necessary breakthroughs to operate efficiently and better compete. Nevertheless, implementing a new core system is one of the most challenging initiatives a bank can undertake. “In the past, certain banks eschewed the cloud because they believed that it would be unsecure and unreliable,” begins Stephen Stuut, CEO, Jumio. To¬day however, digital banking is all about utilizing the cloud to provide mainframe services through the network. “Our solutions are delivered via the network in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with all the upsides of quick implementation and low overhead that CIOs demand today,” affirms Stuut.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, Jumio offers powerful so¬lutions and customer-facing technology to meet the business process needs and help banks drive innovation.
Jumio lives up to the expectations of businesses with a unique methodology that has been specifically developed to meet the challenges of verifying identity in a connected-device environment. “The ‘Achilles heel’ of remote account opening is the customer identification process,” reveals Stuut. Jumio provides ID scanning and validation products for financial institutions and other businesses. The company utilizes computer vision technology and document experts to authenticate customer credentials in real-time mobile and web transactions. Jumio enables the customer verification step to be performed in-transaction and in a way that consumers find more convenient than other options. Eliminating sign-up and checkout friction translates

Jumio’s flagship product, Netverify, is designed to authenticate customers’ actual driver licenses and passports while they’re performing transactions on their mobile device or desktop computer. Netverify’s Face Match feature determines the degree to which the picture in the ID matches the actual face of the individual presenting it. Moreover, Jumio Face Match with liveness detection brings an additional authentication factor to the Netverify process.

to a higher number of successful transactions and reduced customer abandonment rate. “Our liveness detection technology searches for the consumer’s tiny facial movements to ensure that Face Match is evaluating the customer’s real face and not a photo,” says Stuut.

We enable the customer verification step to be performed intransaction and in a way that consumers find convenient and fast

Another Jumio product, Fastfill, automates entry of a customer’s personal information into the sign-up and checkout pages in mobile apps. Customers hold up their ID to their mobile device camera and the information is then automatically extracted—eliminating the need for consumers to enter their information into new account or other registration forms. Jumio also offers a credit card scanning product called BAM to facilitate mobile checkout. By holding up their credit card to their device camera, BAM Checkout eliminates the need for users to execute m u l t i p l e keystrokes to type in their name, address, 16 digit card number and expiration date.

Jumio’s products are leveraged by a wide range of clients from the leading internet companies to Fortune 500, FTSE 350 organizations, and start-ups. In an implementation highlight, WorldRemit—an online money transfer service firm—needed to be compliant with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti- Money Laundering (AML) requirements. The firm approached Jumio for meeting the compliance needs and integrated Netverify into their website. As a result, WorldRemit was able to authenticate the customer’s ID document against a range of security features.

To stay ahead in a competitive environment, Jumio puts strong effort toward constantly improving the products they provide to banks as the best way to accelerate decision making. “We have amazing computer vision talent who are constantly pushing the boundaries of how device cameras can be harnessed to support new types of transactions,” remarks Stuut. Furthermore, the company takes a long term view and invests heavily in developing new features and products that will address the customers’ exact needs.