Fiserv: Digitized Banking for Better Customer Service and Increased Business

Technology has transformed the banking sector from deploying traditional banking methods to new age ones such as the Core Banking System (CBS)—allowing automation and linking of multiple branches, leading to increased efficiency and reduced manual work. Yet, CBS brings with it challenges pertaining to budget and time overruns, project implementation delays, and unclear implementation decisions. All this, due to inadequate planning, rising customer demands and many others. “Fiserv delivers real-time, customized, system integration solutions and business processes for mobile and online banking, payments, risk management, data analytics and core account processing,” says Jeffery W. Yabuki, President and CEO, Fiserv.

With headquarters in Brookfield, WI, Fiserv’s Signature Bank platform, through its various solutions provides flexible online design engine for banks, enabling them to develop products quickly and efficiently. “Signature is an innovative, comprehensive customer-centric banking solution, which offers streamlined business processes and the ability to mitigate risk,” explains Yabuki. “It is also flexible and scalable to meet changing demands, helping banks generate higher revenues, improving customer experience and increasing operational efficiency,” he adds.

We deliver real-time, customized, system integration solutions and business processes, improving traditional and non-traditional financial institutions

The company’s solutions has made it easy for both banks and their customers, to provide features such as account crea¬tion both in-person and online, account and customer servicing, call center and mobile banking services. These services are provided through the company’s range of products such as Aperio Branch Platform, Aperio Online Account Open¬ing, Aperio Call Center, Mobiliti, Aperio Operational Back Office, and many oth¬ers. Customer information from new and existing accounts along with financial and marketing data is analyzed and trans¬formed to actionable insights, enhancing earnings and managing risk. Signatures’ Aper¬io Campaign Manage¬ment, Aperio Cus¬tomer Analytics, and many others, scrutiniz¬es the data collect¬ed to provide vi¬tal information to banks.
, Fiserv- This collective data helps banks to make quick and confident decisions, per¬form fact-based analysis, under¬stand customer behavior to retain customers, and in¬crease profits.

Fiserv assist banks and financial organizations, to support and process payments and online service requests. Fiserv’s Signature’s CheckFreeRXP and CheckFree support banks in increasing online traffic, reducing expenses, and adopting safer payment methods. The solutions are also designed to improve customer service.

Bank details, from account numbers to passwords form the most vulnerable information, which needs to be protected. Fiserv’s solutions while providing banking services to customers and financial institutions, ensures safety of customers accounts. Through its risk and compliance solutions AML Manager and Fraud Risk Manager, Fiserv efficiently manages risks, ensures customer confidentiality, and protects financial organizations from financial, reputational, and legal damage.

Fiserv has been successful in providing guidance to various banks and financial enterprises. Tesco, a multinational retailer needed a technology partner for creating a full-fledged retail bank for providing its customers transparent, simple and cost-effective banking services, as well as loyalty incentives. Tesco Bank chose Fiserv to implement Signature core banking platform and several support solutions to launch a fully integrated retail bank that supported multiple channels and financial services products.
Fiserv through its innovations aims to create better solutions for banks and financial organizations. "Digitization in the banking sector has enabled many to control their finances with less effort. We are focused on developing more mobile and tablet enabled services, to truly digitize the banking sector,” concludes Jeffery.