The Future of Payments
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Seth Goodman, Director, North America Product Head, Citi Commercial Cards, Citi

As a digitally connected CFO, you likely wake up and check your phone first thing for emails. You may ask your smart home device for the weather forecast or to order you a car to get to work. In the car you can pre-pay for your coffee or pay with...

Conversional AI: A More Privileged Banking
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IT decision makers believe that AI is needed in the banking, financial services and, insurance (BFSI) segments and that it will lead to drastic growth in operational efficiency and will essentially transform the core financial processes....

Efficient Financial Management through Robotics Technology
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New technologies, chatbots, and virtual assistants have been introduced into the banking and financial sectors, simplifying the interaction between humans and computers. Chatbots have become extremely familiar due to dramatic advancements in...

The Secure KM Switch: Secure Access to Critical Information for the Financial Professional
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John Minasyan, Director of Product Management, Belkin

The threat of debilitating cyber-attacks is at an all-time high. According to PwC’s Global Economic Crime Survey, cybercrime is now the second most frequently reported economic crime with financial institutions being a favorite target....

The Evolving Role of Financial Planning-and How IT Can Help
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Ken Levey, Vice President of Financial Institutions, Kaufman Hall

In recent years, finance teams in banks and credit unions have become instrumental in driving their institutions’ financial planning and profitability analysis. As their responsibilities continue to expand beyond reporting, they require more...

Defending Against Mega Breaches Starts with In-Depth Risk Assessment
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Bob Chaput, CEO, Clearwater Compliance LLC

The Ponemon Institute declared 2014 the “year of the mega breach,” defined as at least 10 million stolen records. In 2015, SC Magazine asked if we should just “get used to” mega breaches. In 2016, USA Today told the...

New Tools for Combating Data Breaches and Safeguarding Consumer Card Payments
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Suzanne Galvin, SVP Product Management, Elan Financial Services

Data breaches, point-of-sale attacks, the creation of sophisticated new forms of malware and the introduction of “cybercrime-as-a-service” are now key issues affecting the security of payment card data. Managing each will require...

ACI Worldwide [NASDAQ:ACIW]: Supercharging Payment Environments
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Philip Heasley, President & CEO

Powers electronic payments for more than 5,100 organizations around the world.

TreasuryXpress:Opening the Gates of TMS to Companies Worldwide
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Thomas Leitch, Vice President, Business Development

A provider of cloud-based treasury management solution.

Praesidio: Redefining Secure Banking on the Cloud
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Sean Cassidy, CTO

Provides a cloud-based cyber security management solution that includes network monitoring, policy governance, and real-time analytics.

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