Cyber: Facing a New Frontier of Risk
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Jason Kelly, Head of Liabilities and Financial Lines for Greater China, Australasia and South Korea, AIG

The convenience of today’s increasingly connected world has brought with it a new form of risk: cyber. With news of large-scale cyber incidents appearing every few days, businesses around the globe are finally starting to sit up and take the...

8 Best Practices to Support Regulatory Compliance
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Brian Hartlen, CMO, Blueprint

Teams developing software in regulated environments face a major critical challenge: defining comprehensive, high-quality software requirements for regulatory compliance. Faulty compliance requirements not only put a project at risk, they can...

Analytics for Accurate, Actionable, and Timely Information
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Brooks Brady, SVP & Director of Credit Risk Analytics, Zions Bancorporation [NASDAQ:ZION]

Over the past several years, I have witnessed competing priorities affecting the generation and delivery of data required for credit risk analytics. On one side, formalized data governance and controls have emerged with the intent of improving...

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