How Technology drives Employee Experience... and Outcomes
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Claudette McGowan, Chief Information Officer, Enterprise Technology Employee Experience, BMO Financial Group

The global workforce is undergoing a massive shift. By 2020, Gen Z—those born between 1995 and 2012—will make up roughly 20 percent of the workforce; by 2025 it’s expected that Millennials will account for nearly three quarters...

Networking Beyond Technology
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Dennis Klemenz, CIO & VP, Connex Credit Union

Banking is a business where information is shared continuously and a delay of a few seconds can elicit significant financial implications. Not only is instant access to data required, but security, privacy, and protection of core banking...

Instant Banking Gratification for Millennial Generation
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Matthew Smith, VP-e-Banking Services, Happy State Bank

Heavy burdens from regulations, compliance, and audits in banking today are causing the customers to experience pain in online and mobile channels. However, technology is changing the landscape in aspects of life beyond banking. The millennial...

Customer Segmentation Holds the Key to Successful Digital Banking
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FREMONT, CA: The world is going digital, and the banking sector is no exception, making innovation a necessity but the key to the growth is management and segmentation of customers. A report from analyst firm Celent observes that every customer is...

Serving Tomorrow's Customer Today: Reimagining Branch Transformation and Omnichannel Strategies
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Douglas Hartung, Director-Research & Development Incubation, Diebold, Incorporated

To retain and grow their businesses, financial institutions are increasingly forced to address the needs of a more mobile-centric customer. Today, most institutions have deployed mobile banking applications and continue to seek ways to exploit...

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