A Different but Effective Approach to Preventing a Cyber Breach
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Sergio Pinon, Senior Vice President & Director of Security, Ocean Bank

Hardly a day passes that we don’t hear of a new security breach or learn details of a cyber attack and how it succeeded. The task of keeping abreast of breach reports and notifications can be daunting for those responsible for information...

Financial Institutions Need Big Data Analytics in their Cyber Security Arsenals
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Cynthia Walker, VP & Data Analytics Innovation Center, Salient CRGT

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Mary Jo White emphasized in a recent speech that cyber security poses “one of the greatest risks facing the financial services industry.” The Federal Financial Institutions...

Effective Defense for New Attack Vectors
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Lonnie Carter, SVP, Information Security Manager, Ameris Bank

The changing landscape of security for technology and data is driving significant changes to the processes and tools needed to protect against and mitigate cybersecurity risks. Traditional security defenses such as firewalls, web filtering and...

Looking Forward to the Next Big Advancement
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Rusty Haferkamp, CIO & EVP, Central National Bank TX

Cyber security has soared from the back office to the boardroom. Nobody wants to see the incident response team have to prove their work. I guarantee nobody wants to see their names in the media for a breach. Doesn’t it seem like we (good IT...

Cybersecurity in the Board Room - An Evolution of Communication
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Thomas Hill, CIO, Live Oak Bank

When was the last time that cybersecurity and data breaches were topics in your company’s Board or Audit Committee meetings? Almost every meeting? Well, your company is not alone. It is now mainstream for executives or board members to raise...

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