How to Survive a Data Center Move
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Joe Sarci, SVP & CTO, EverBank

Like many industries today, the Banking and Financial sector is constantly re-evaluating its internal positioning, looking for savings and efficiencies for the business. As it is with most technology based Finance companies, the IT organization is...

HID Global: The Future for Secure and User-Friendly Banking
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Stefan Widing, President & CEO

Provides a range of convenient and secure banking solutions to help enterprises secure facilities and ATMs, protect sensitive customer data, and safeguard their customers’ online transactions

FaceTec®: 3D Face Authentication Software with Liveness Detection
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Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO

Offers ZoOm 3D Face Login, a patented, ultra-secure cross-platform, cross-device user authentication solution with iBeta/NIST/ISO Certified Liveness Detection

CoCoNet: Driving Financial Institutions toward Digitalization
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Björn Hassing, CEO, Product Development, Marketing & Sales

Provides banking solutions that enable clients to embrace digitalization

Tableau Software [NASDAQ:DATA]: Interpreting Data
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Adam Selipsky, President & CEO

Enabling financial organizations to make data-driven decisions through unique banking analytics

Pumori Banking Software: Centralized Solutions for Banks
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Sanjib Raj Bhandari, Chairman, Software Division

Offers complete banking software solutions that meet the needs of today and also address the challenges far into the future.

Tableau Software [NYSE:DATA]: Helping Banks Unleash the Power of Data
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Christian Chabot, CEO and Co-founder

Offers a seamless experience to connect,visualise, and share data from PC to iPad

Tableau: Making Data-driven Decision through Banking Analytics
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Christian Chobat, CEO

Producer of a family of interactive data visualization products focused on business intelligence.

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