To Keep Control on Cloud Price Increases
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Cyril Bartolo, Corporate Head of Applications, Lagardere Group

In the society trend which is moving people from perpetual owners to flexible (or precarious ?) renters, our old good and perpetual software licenses became precarious cloud subscriptions, potentially leading to numerous difficulties for cloud...

7 Trends Reshaping Retail Banking
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Innovative retail-banking solutions step ahead with a futuristic approach to drive success.    FREMONT, CA: Evolving trends in the banking industry boost the financial status of the retail banking market and open gates for further...

Emergence of Regulatory Technology: Banks are Set to Benefit!
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Service providers are transforming how banks do compliance with advanced technology-enabled solutions. FREMONT, CA: Regulations have always been a talking point in financial institutions. With banks adopting new technologies and incorporating...

Fintech: Shaping the Future of Banking
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FinTech has changed the banking scenario as companies tend to fulfill the digital needs of the customers, moving towards success. FREMONT, CA: Technology and evolving customer requirements are having a dramatic effect on the way...

Duco Incorporates Predictive ML to Data Platform
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Christian Nentwich, Founder & CEO

With the advancement in AI and ML technologies, the quality of the data is becoming the primary factor for business growth, and Duco is poised enough to gain from this trend.  FREMONT, CA: Duco, a data engineering technology company that...

Why Enterprise Applications Need to Upgrade Monitoring Solutions
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The monitoring of data analytics is as important as data analytics itself. Especially in fields like the digital economy, where one small internal glitch can result in a shutdown of services causing massive amounts of loss. FREMONT,...

Advanced CRM Mobile App to Aid Flexible Point-of-Sale Solutions
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Loan officers can now invite borrowers to apply an open house with a real estate agent with the new mobile POS application. A SaaS-based CRM and POS solution provider, Volly launched the new POS mobile app and rebrands the existing CRM mobile...

PINTEC Acquires InfraRisk as a part of International Expansion
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When it comes to maintaining healthy cash flow for business, there are a million ways to do including implementing latest fintech solutions. Financial technology has changed the way financial institutions run their business operations and...

Advanced KYC Automation Capabilities for Financial Institutions
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The banking sector is vulnerable to different threats, and the advent of technological advancements has improved the situation. According to GP Bullhound’s technology prediction, almost 91 percent of the customers depend on mobile banking....

Cloud-Based Accounting Tools For Business
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Cloud accounting software is accounting software that is hosted on remote servers. It facilitates accounting capabilities to businesses similar to the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. The data sent to the cloud is processed and...

Ubiquitous Retail Banking
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Kevin Stehl, Vice President of Marketing, Product and Digital, SECU Credit Union

It may be difficult for anyone under 30 to believe, but there was a time when banking transactions were conducted face-to-face. Needed to deposit your paycheck? You had to head to your local bank or credit union, fill out a deposit slip, and...

Impact of Fintechs on the Banking Sector
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Fintech evolution has significantly affected the financial services industry as fintech startups are disrupting the traditional finance sector with the innovative technologies and business models. In the modern era of banking,...

At the Center of any Successful Enterprise is Technology
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Rosa Akhtarkhavari, CIO, City of Orlando

Technology plays an increasingly critical role in supporting all aspects of an enterprise such as meeting strategic goals, optimizing operations, and delivering relevant and timely information to decision makers. Enterprise resource planning (ERP)...

Capitalizing on Data Analytics Using Automation
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Ashish Bansal, Senior Director, Data Science, Capital One [NYSE:COF]

Implementing Cloud Computing for Data Analytics Data analytics is composed of data and analytics on the data. Data is varied, generated by internal sources (like transactional applications, sensors etc) and/or sourced from external sources...

Strategy-led Treasury Management
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Bruce Edlund, Director of Treasury, Citrix

When you attend a treasury conference, there is always an overarching theme that they try to convey in the title, the keynote speech and in the sessions. What I have noticed during my 13 years working in corporate treasury, occasionally attending...

Is your bank cheating on its quality assurance tests?
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Mark Medlin, CTO, Paragon Application Systems

The payments landscape has grown increasingly more complex over the past decade. A steep increase in the number and variety of endpoints, an expanding number of consumer devices and payment apps, the rising expectation of “always-on”...

Effective Defense for New Attack Vectors
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Lonnie Carter, SVP, Information Security Manager, Ameris Bank

The changing landscape of security for technology and data is driving significant changes to the processes and tools needed to protect against and mitigate cybersecurity risks. Traditional security defenses such as firewalls, web filtering and...

3dcart Collaborates with Visa Checkout for Increased Online Visibility
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TAMARAC, FL: 3dcart, a web-based ecommerce provider announces its partnership program with Visa Checkout to help small businesses launch their online stores and gain visibility. This will allow the new and existing 3dcart customers to receive a...

Ease Launches Beacon for Auditing System Automation
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MISSION VIEJO, CA: Ease, provider of production floor optimization software releases its new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product – Beacon, to guide manufacturers automate auditing systems and improve layered process audit (LPA) programs....

Franklin Mutual Enhances Productivity with ISCS's SurePower Innovation
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SAN JOSE, CA: Franklin Mutual, an insurance company has recently collaborated with ISCS, provider of software and services to the P&C insurance industry. Franklin Mutual has selected ISCS’s SurePower Innovation , the modern enterprise...