Digital Revolution in Retail Banking to Boost the Number of Happy Customers
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To achieve customer satisfaction and stay advanced, retail banks are leading the digital drive for good.   FREMONT, CA: Digital transformation is more than just about improving efficiency or controlling costs. The future of banking...

Top 5 Tips for CIOs to Drive the AI Continuum In Banking
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AI is now a natural fit for businesses and continues to become increasingly suitable for banks as banking operations are becoming progressively digital.   FREEMONT, CA: As Artificial Intelligence proves its value, industries are...

Fostering Better Banking Services with In-demand Mobile Banking Services
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The world is going digital turning towards the internet, and so are banking facilities, with online mobile banking applications. FREMONT, CA: The traditional banking industry has made way for a technology-savvy service industry. The evolution...

AI for Top-Notch Mobile Banking Services
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With customers moving to online banking services, banks are trying to leverage AI for gaining better customer insights and improving their mobile apps. FREMONT, CA: The availability of bulk data and the ability of the current technologies to...

3 AI Capabilities Driving Banking Innovations
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AI and other technologies will not only empower banks by automating its workforce but also make the whole process of automation intelligent enough to address competition from other leading players in the industry. FREMONT, CA: Emerging...

New AI Solutions Adding Value to Enterprise Business Processes
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Dinesh Venugopal, President of Mphasis

End-to-End solutions through the combination of process technology and operational knowledge is a dire need for banking institutions to meet the expectations of digital customers. FREMONT, CA: An information technology solution provider,...

How to Design and Execute A Compelling Banking Data Strategy in 3 Simple Steps
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Andre Iervolino, Vice President, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics, Financial Partners Credit Union

With over 20 years of local and international experience in corporate planning, marketing, strategic research, business intelligence, operations, customer success/engagement, and digital transformation in various industries such as Xerox...

Ensuring Higher Return on Investment with Improved Business Valuation
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Michael M. Carter, Founder and CEO

It sometimes becomes difficult to evaluate the prospects of profit. This is where business valuation and big data can enable companies to understand their potential better. FREMONT, CA: “We have been committed from the beginning of...

Reimagining Branch Transformation in the Digital Era
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Despite the decline in branch-based transactions, the branch recapitulates its strategies and growth objectives to stay ahead. FREMONT, CA: Consumer banking preferences are changing continually, and it is essential for financial organizations...

Performance Evaluation made Smarter: Key Performance Indicators Becoming the Key Players
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KPI has proven to be the best platform for performance management. FREMONT, CA: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is the most used method to measure the performance and determine the areas of improvements to achieve the business objectives. It...

Deducing Intelligent Banking-Enabled ROI Strategies
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FREMONT, CA: Most financial institutions have rolled into technologies over the past couple of years to optimize workflows. Not only does AI enhance the customer experience in financial institutions, but it also helps automate processes, increase...

Strategic Ways for Ad-Based Sectors to Gain On-Time Payments
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FREMONT, CA: The advertising industry has developed from being a small-scale business to a full-fledged industry. With the invention of online streaming, advertising space is facing massive disruption. The surge in internet content joined with...

Mortgage Technology Issue
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Mona Kahn, Director, Integrated Technology Solutions, SPARC team (Smart Process Automation & Robotics Center) Fannie Mae

Competing in a world where nearly every experience is digital leaves one wondering how the home buying experience hasn’t caught up yet. Having very recently bought a home myself, I certainly lost touch with that “digital”...

Apply Robotic Process Automation in AML & FIU Operations to Increase Efficiency, Lower Risk, and Trim Your Overhead
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Anshul Arora, Managing Director, Matrix-IFS

Every financial institution faces costly challenges managing fraud and AML. False Positives (FP) are an especially problematic resource drain, typically ranging as high as 75 to 90 percent. Since each alert requires investigation, the waste of...

How to Ensure a Seamless Merger and Acquisition Process
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Mergers and acquisition (M&A) pose various challenges for treasury management in an organization. A company inherits disparate treasury systems and processes after acquiring another company, which presents significant challenges for the...

How Small Banks can Utilize Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionizing capabilities for banks and seems to be potent enough to enhance their customer relationship. However, the technology seems to benefit the larger banking organizations more because of the investment...

Leading the Technological Wave
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Denise Dettingmeijer, CFO, Randstad North America [AMS:RAND]

Current Role of a CFO I have always had IT report to me as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). It was an eye-opening transition for me as CFO of Randstad, when figuring out how to place the business, company and external functions around an IT...

Ten Examples of How Technologies are Revolutionizing Retail Banking
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The competition is rising with the onset of new disruptive technologies and the main forces resulting in this change is customer expectations, shifting economies, new competition and the list goes on. IoT, Big Data and Blockchain have gained...

Will Finance Sector Revolutionize with Automation and Chatbots?
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Excitement surrounds every technological advancement but with it comes along the pleas for legislation and restrictions. Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the finance industry from chatbots to predictive analytics, and AI can help your...

AnalyticsOps: A Natural Extension of DevOps
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Vishwa Kolla, AVP & Head of Advanced Analytics, John Hancock Financial Services

In 1997, when Deep Blue beat Kasparov, it had to crunch through atleast 5K scenarios on each move. In 2016, when AlphaGo beat Lee Sedol, it had to crunch through at least 5M. It is not surprising to see why Analytics professionals take pride in...