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IoT and Its Impact on Banking and Financial Institutions
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IoT has gained a lot of importance in the technology industry in recent times. It is a way of communication between interconnected devices by sharing of information. It has brought technology at the fingertips of a consumer. Organizations are also...

Big Data: A Boon for Banking and Finance Sector
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Digitalization has helped immensely in ease of doing business. Every banking and financial institute has shifted to online methods for their transactions. This shift has caused huge influx of data. According to a study by IBM, 2.5 billion...

Finding Opportunity in KYC
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Anne Sharkey, SVP Operations, First Internet Bank

KYC regulations revolve around the responsibility of banks to understand their customers and their financial transactions in order to discover and report any illegal or unusual activity regarding money laundering and terrorist financing...

Ensuring Risk Management and Compliance in the Banking Sector
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Steven Grossman, VP of Strategy and Enablement, Bay Dynamics.

Your take on ensuring Risk Management and Compliance in the Banking Sector: This past year, we have seen an increasing amount of new mandatory compliance requirements specifically targeting financial organizations. For example, beginning in...

All Roads Lead to Risk Assessment
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Christopher R. Barber, EVP & CIO, Commonwealth Business Bank

Historically institutions primarily focused on the detection and protection of possible Information Security breaches. However in today’s environment, defending against possible breaches is no longer enough. With the increase of...

Defending Against Mega Breaches Starts with In-Depth Risk Assessment
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Bob Chaput, CEO, Clearwater Compliance LLC

The Ponemon Institute declared 2014 the “year of the mega breach,” defined as at least 10 million stolen records. In 2015, SC Magazine asked if we should just “get used to” mega breaches. In 2016, USA Today told the...

Meeting Compliance to Mitigate Risks
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Xavier Leschaeve, CISO, Remy Cointreau

Trends in the Compliance Arena We are seeing more and more regulations in the compliance area, but hopefully also a convergence of the different regulations. In the past, it was very common to have conflicting regulations between countries or...

IdentityMind's latest Version to Mitigate Suspicious and Fraudulent Activities
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PALO ALTO, CA: To clamp down on bank related fraud cases- IdentityMind, a provider of risk management solution for digital commerce released version 1.20 of its patented Fraud Prevention and Risk Management platform. The solution addresses...

Kyriba: Extending the Horizon of Treasury Technology
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Jean-Luc Robert, Chairman & CEO

Provider of cloud treasury solutions, delivering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) treasury technology to corporate CFOs and Treasurers

Computer Services, Inc. (CSI): Delivering CRM and BI Core Banking Technology
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Steven A. Powless, CEO

A full-service IT provider specializing in core banking, managed IT services and regulatory compliance solutions for financial institutions.

COMPIRICUS: A Savant in Value-added Treasury Management
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Jörg Pappert, CEO & Howard Chin, Managing Director

Software provider and consulting partner with a focus on finance, treasury, asset, and risk management.

Regulatory DataCorp: Processing Cognitive Risk Intelligence
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Thomas Obermaier, CEO

Providing customizable and smart SaaS solution for delivering decision-ready risk and compliance intelligence

Reval: Innovating TRM with the Reval Cloud Platform
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Jiro Okochi, CEO and Co-Founder

Provider of comprehensive and integrated SaaS solutions for treasury and risk management.

Nasdaq BWise: Holistic Management of Key Financial Risks
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Adena Friedman, President

Provides companies highly-rated, proven software solutions for risk management, internal control, internal audit, compliance and policy management

360factors: Pioneering Modern Risk and Compliance Management Automation Technology
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Ed Sattar, CEO

A cloud based enterprise risk and compliance management automation technology and services company.

Fiserv: Unique and Secure Risk Management Solutions
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Jeffery Yabuki, President & CEO

Fiserv helps banks and financial organizations to provide better banking transaction methods to customers through their solutions.

Reval: Innovating TRM with the Reval Cloud Platform
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Jiro Okochi, CEO

Offers a cloud-based platform that enables enterprises to manage cash,liquidity and financial risk, and to account for and report on complex financial instruments and hedging activities.

CSI: Delivering CRM and BI Core Banking Technology
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A full-service IT provider specializing in core banking, managed IT services and regulatory compliance solutions for financial institutions.

Numerix: Agile Analytics: The Future for Trading Operations
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Steven R. O'Hanlon, CEO & President, Numerix

Combines real-time performance and robust IT infrastructure for standard and custom business solutions that address the most computationally demanding calculations and complex analytics challenges

Rolta: Driving True Banking Intelligence through Data Analytics
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Richard Coulter, Senior Performance Management Consultant & Associate Practice Director for Financial Services

Provider of consulting, managed services and technology for financial services.

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