Why Automation Is the Future of Finance
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It is exciting to see how the finance sector is experiencing the impact of digital transformation from FinTech startups through age-old banks.  FREMONT, CA: Several banks are implementing technological changes in a much effective...

AI and Humans: A Winning Combination
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Matthew Key, Head Of Customer Innovation, Global Banking And Financial Markets, BT Group plc [LON: BT.A]

As high-profile advances in artificial intelligence from Amazon’s Alexa to Google’s self-driving cars demonstrate, there are obvious benefits to be gained from the increased use of AI. However, it is the combination of AI and humans...

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) - Experiences from Today, Looking Towards Tomorrow
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Jonathan Kidd, Head of Digital Operations & Robotics, Bank of Ireland

One of the constant threads of discussion on Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is the relationship between RPA and artificial intelligence (AI). In reality, RPA just covers a small part of the broad AI landscape. The presentation of AI as being an...

Guide to Treasury Management, Here's how Technology plays a Key Role!
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Treasury management with mitigated financial, operational, and reputational risks is now a reality with innovative technologies.  FREMONT, CA: Modern treasury involves a more interactive platform around corporate treasury and banks,...

6 RPA Secrets Leading the Next Generation KYC
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Financial institutions are stepping up their spending on headcount to assist KYC activities. To reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of these KYC processes, the implementation of RPA has a vital role to play.  FREMONT, CA: Banks...

3 AI Capabilities Driving Banking Innovations
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AI and other technologies will not only empower banks by automating its workforce but also make the whole process of automation intelligent enough to address competition from other leading players in the industry. FREMONT, CA: Emerging...

Technology-Enabled Processes Driving Better Banking Outcomes
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The wave of banking automation has resulted in a paradigm shift in terms of how client preferences and communication strategies. FREMONT, CA: The world is at the height of a digital revolution and the proliferation of cutting-edge...

Aggrandizing the power of Automation in the Banking Sector with Top 4 Tech Drives
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The transformative power of automation in the banking sector is commendable. Automation in banking will improve capacity and free workers to concentrate on higher-value projects. FREMONT, CA: The world is at a pinnacle of digital revolution and...

Role of Machine Learning in Finance
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The quantitative nature of the financial domain and massive availability of data sets is well-suited for ML to enhance numerous aspects of the financial industries. FREMONT, CA: Machine learning (ML) and its use cases are generally attributed...

Innovative Financial Tech Trends for the Millennial World
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With digitalization, digitization and diversification, the Finance sector is rediscovering its potential far beyond mere banking. The constant technological boom has been showering numerous innovations in this light. FREMONT,...

Ways to Leverage RPA in Legal Industry
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Robotic process automation is accelerating the digitization of business support areas by creating a virtual workforce of software robots that emulate human execution of tasks through existing software interfaces. If looking at the contribution of...

Mortgage-on-Demand:A Race between FinTech and RegTech
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Nima Vahdat, SVP & Chief Compliance Officer, Impac Mortgage

We live in an on-demand world. Obscure trivia is available at our fingertips; entertainment content is binged instantly; groceries are plopped at our doorstep; and junk food is only a Postmates / Uber Eats / Grubhub / DoorDash away. One...

Mortgage Technology Issue
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Mona Kahn, Director, Integrated Technology Solutions, SPARC team (Smart Process Automation & Robotics Center) Fannie Mae

Competing in a world where nearly every experience is digital leaves one wondering how the home buying experience hasn’t caught up yet. Having very recently bought a home myself, I certainly lost touch with that “digital”...

AI-driven tools for Internal Audit in the Banking Sector
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AI is an evolving technology that promises different industries a gamut of cutting-edge techniques and solutions. In areas as diverse as driverless cars, home energy systems, and investment portfolio management, AI is already being applied. It...

Apply Robotic Process Automation in AML & FIU Operations to Increase Efficiency, Lower Risk, and Trim Your Overhead
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Anshul Arora, Managing Director, Matrix-IFS

Every financial institution faces costly challenges managing fraud and AML. False Positives (FP) are an especially problematic resource drain, typically ranging as high as 75 to 90 percent. Since each alert requires investigation, the waste of...

The Next Big Thing for FinTech
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FinTech is witnessing many innovative trends like mobile banking and biometrics today. As a result, the financial industry provides products that help in easy remittance and assistance in loan decisions. One of the major examples of such...

Robots Getting to Know Your Customers
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Erik Obermeier, SVP, Head of Financial Crimes Compliance Advisory Services, Texas Capital Bank

Most Know Your Customer (KYC) processes utilized by financial institutions are inefficient, prone to errors, make for a bad customer experience, and cost institutions millions of dollars every year. Some of the solutions to help institutions...

Bridging the Missing Link to Banking Excellence
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Kevin Guenthner, CIO, Stockman Bank of Montana

What an exciting time to be technology professional in the financial service sector. With customers continually increasing their demands and competitors becoming dynamic and diverse, there are ample opportunities for technology professional to...

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Banking Industry
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Imperishable changes have been witnessed in the banking industry with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI). Organizations gravitate towards new age technologies and seek a competitive edge by achieving improvements in speed, accuracy,...

How IT Transformation is Enabling Nationwide's Digitization
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Michael Carrel, SVP-IT & CIO, Enterprise Applications, Nationwide

There is a digital revolution in progress and businesses everywhere are undergoing a transformation in response. Our business requires new capabilities from IT to serve our customers who deserve services delivered cohesively and swiftly....