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Pradeep Ittycheria, Chief Technology Officer, Kasasa

Despite all of the recent buzz, big data isn't new. As far back as the 1880s, the U.S. Census Bureau was collecting and analyzing data on citizens. Even then, the volume of data was overwhelming. In fact, the Bureau estimated that it would...

Ten Ways Predictive Analytics Can Improve Banking Sector
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In this era of technological developments, ever-growing customer base and satisfying their needs has become a challenging task. Catering to individual needs and not as general is what customers demand. Banks are trying to implement various tools...

Are False Positive Alerts Unnecessarily Draining Your Resources?
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David Grinholz, Director-Capital Markets Practice Lead, Matrix-IFS

New Hope for CIOs and Their Resources From a compliance standpoint, the 2008 financial crisis spawned a proliferation of third-party solutions and in-house developments offering various systems to automate the Market Surveillance process. At...

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