M-commerce for the Modern Era
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Candidly, Smartphones in the ‘go digital’ era has made a momentous mark in the area of e-commerce, and is also becoming a preferred platform for consumers’ quick shopping due to its advanced computing capability and connectivity....

Tactics to Improve Mobile Banking Population
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Mobile technology is revolutionizing the global banking industry which offers new opportunities for the bank to provide added convenience to their existing customers. The ability to access information in one click from smartphones changed the way...

Tips to improve customer experience by AI-powered mobile banking apps
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Banking sectors today are embracing artificial intelligence (AI) to stay alive in the growing competition. Creating successful artificial intelligence strategy paves the growth for the banking institutions. Banking sectors’ increasingly...

A New Era in Banking Technology
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Michael Noftsger, Executive Vice President, Bank Administration, Forcht Bank

In today’s fast-paced, technology-fueled environment, three years of time in banking can eclipse a decade or more when compared to the past. Even during the sluggish economy from 2008 until late 2016, vast improvements were made in banking...

The Age of Mobile Banking: AnInsightful Analysis
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A report from the BBA, a trade association in the UK banking sector, named “Way We Bank Now” has stated that most of the banking customers prefer online banking services. Even the common people are increasingly adopting mobile banking...

Tips to improve customer experience in the mobile-banking world
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Online banking nowadays is handy and befitting for many reasons. There is no time for people to go to the banks and wait in a queue for account opening or transactions. As adoption of online banking is growing very rapidly the banking sector has...

Mobile Banking: Trends for Market Leadership
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The digital transformation of the banking industry makes banking process efficient and provides convenient services to customers. The mobile apps are being more flexible and proactive in a customer's life. Also, the digitalized banking...

Experience Transformation: A different way of considering the branch of the future and three technologies that will set you apart
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Matthew Gaspari, EVP/COO, Tucson Federal Credit Union

"Analytics, Chat Bots, Artificial Intelligence, Self Service, and many others are part of a strategic discussion going on in financial institutions. Understandably, given the pace of innovation and the level of disruption, finding a...

IoT and Its Impact on Banking and Financial Institutions
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IoT has gained a lot of importance in the technology industry in recent times. It is a way of communication between interconnected devices by sharing of information. It has brought technology at the fingertips of a consumer. Organizations are also...

Ten Examples of How Technologies are Revolutionizing Retail Banking
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The competition is rising with the onset of new disruptive technologies and the main forces resulting in this change is customer expectations, shifting economies, new competition and the list goes on. IoT, Big Data and Blockchain have gained...

Enhancing Customer Experience in the Mobile-Banking Era
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Mobile technology is disrupting the global banking and payment industry as more and more consumers are completing transactions via mobile devices. With adoption rates going high, this trend is expected to grow further, and with this advancement,...

Embracing Technology Offers a Bright Future for Banks
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Bradley Matthews, Senior Vice President, U.S. Bank Corporate Payment Systems

As a banker, I admit the banking industry historically is not known as a disruptive one. However, changing technology and customer needs have forced banks to innovate and modernize their products and services—and to do it quickly. At U.S....

Top Technology Trends Banks Must Implement
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From standing in the long queues to just one tap and everything is done, technology has raised the bar of banking. Online banking and the numerous mobile banking apps have made life convenient but there lie challenges that need to be overcome. The...

Biometric Software Bolsters the Future of Smartphone Payments
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The purpose of creating a password for any given document is to safeguard the details within the document. That said, in a world where information can be stored and shared through various devices, such as smartphones, setting up a password is more...

Road Ahead for Peer-to-Peer Payments
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Mobile has become a vital transaction channel for financial institutions, retailers, and their customers.  The rising popularity of mobile payment features has proven beneficial for credit unions and financial institutions. Mobile banking,...

Mobile Payment- The Future of Consumerism
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With more and more people opting to go cashless, mobile payment and online money transfer apps are becoming a popular solution. The rise of this payment method after the establishment of PayPal in 1998, has given a unique boost to the e-commerce...

Things One Must know about Payment Apps
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From the barter exchange system to settling financial transactions by cash or checks and the latest, digital payments, the mode of payment has traversed a long path. An apparent effect of digitization, an increasing number of users have eased into...

The Best Mobile Payment System is here, Make the right choice
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Instead of paying with cash, cheques, credit cards, consumers have adopted a more easy and well-defined medium- Mobile Payments. Consumers are inclining more towards this medium because of its easy accessibility and therefore there is an abundance...

Mobile Banking is as much a Platform Strategy as it is about the User Experience
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Christopher Danvers, VP Payments & Digital Services, American Airlines Federal Credit Union

It goes without saying that the user experience for mobile banking is critically important. Intuitiveness, ease of use, and how the end user feels after using the app will ultimately determine how successful your mobile banking strategy will...

Myth or Fact - Do Millennials "Really" Lead Digital Banking?
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Chris Barlow, VP, Mobile Banking, Webster Bank

Millennials, the so-called digital native group who’ve never known a world without the internet, mobile phones and social media are said to lead all the relevant trends and drive innovation at companies who must change how they do...

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