Innovation in a Community Bank?
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Dan Armstrong, Chief Digital Officer, Customers Bank

Although web banking was launched in the mid- 1990s, and mobile banking as early as the early 2000s with WAP and application platforms like NTT DoCoMo’s i-Mode, modern customers have come to expect these tools from their bank as...

M-commerce for the Modern Era
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Candidly, Smartphones in the ‘go digital’ era has made a momentous mark in the area of e-commerce, and is also becoming a preferred platform for consumers’ quick shopping due to its advanced computing capability and connectivity....

Chart the Way Forward: Why Banks Need AI & Machine Learning Today
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Prashant Shukla, Director, Oracle ASEAN

Everywhere you Look in Banking Change is on the Horizon New and emerging technologies are driving digital disruption, which in turn is bringing fresh competition and global trends. At the macro level, the rise of FinTech and the call for...

Bridging the Missing Link to Banking Excellence
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Kevin Guenthner, CIO, Stockman Bank of Montana

What an exciting time to be technology professional in the financial service sector. With customers continually increasing their demands and competitors becoming dynamic and diverse, there are ample opportunities for technology professional to...

The Nothing Corollary: Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes
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Matt Rider, CIO, Information Technology, Franklin American Mortgage Company

You are probably familiar with the adage insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Well, there is a corollary that is just as powerful and enlightening; nothing changes if nothing changes. Innovation is...

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in AdTech
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Artificial Intelligence is spreading its roots in every sector, and there is no surprise that Advertising Technologies (AdTech) is affected by it. AdTech is still in the infancy stage but is growing as fast as the World Wide Web grew in the past....

Adapting to Digital Natives- Lenders Meet Millennials, and All Consumers, on their Terms
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Kamran Bakhtiari, VP, Marketing, loanDepot

The experience of home buying–from financing to shopping to signing most of your docs–has experienced a digital transformation in recent years. And the evolution continues to touch even change-resistant phases of the process....

FinTech: The Changing Force Behind Digital Lending
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A few years ago, securing a business loan was arduous and painful. The applicant must have some pull with the upper management with bank officials, and even then the loan was not guaranteed. FinTech is changing the entire lending landscape....

Your Data Moves Like Jagger. Do You?
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Kenny Moyer, VP/Director of Profitability, Republic Bank

By now, I am certain you are aware of just how much data surrounds us today. Data now comes from every which direction, and from every place. From your smartphone to your smart appliances, anything connected to the Internet has potential to...

The Integration of AI and Cloud Computing for Consumer Lending
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Digital transformation is revolutionizing sectors, and the banking industry is no exception for this transformation. As technology is advancing, bankers are interacting with customers at every level from marketing to product step and then finally...

A New Era in Banking Technology
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Michael Noftsger, Executive Vice President, Bank Administration, Forcht Bank

In today’s fast-paced, technology-fueled environment, three years of time in banking can eclipse a decade or more when compared to the past. Even during the sluggish economy from 2008 until late 2016, vast improvements were made in banking...

How does IoT help to Grow the Finance Sector
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As Adoption of online transaction is growing rapidly the financial sector has to transform itself to be enabled to personalize engagement of the customers with the help of IoT technologies. The IoT (Internet Of Things) technology is empowering the...

Transforming Businesses with Latest Technologies
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Andy Weir, Executive General Manager, Bankwest Technology & Transformation

It’s undeniable that businesses today operate in a VUCA world, with extreme levels of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. But we also know disruption is nothing new. Look back over recent years and you can see a number of...

The Black and White on Providing Great Customer Experiences in the Digital Age
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Rick Arvielo, Co-Founder & CEO, New American Funding

A few years back, to celebrate the centennial anniversary of its iconic Oreo cookie, Nabisco introduced the 110-calorie Neapolitan Triple Double Oreo, featuring layers of strawberry and chocolate between three Golden Oreo wafers. Nabisco wanted...

Influence of Cloud Computing on the Banking Sector
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The implementation of cloud computing has created an enormous change in the banking industry where many challenges faced by the banks are the same as the other industries.The major concern is the stringent security and compliance standard...

AI is Revolutionizing Finance Industry
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Artificial intelligence is the technology to make intelligent machines that can work and react like humans. AI is achieved by learning how a human brain works to analyze and solve a specific problem. It is a software program that is developed by...

IoT and Its Impact on Banking and Financial Institutions
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IoT has gained a lot of importance in the technology industry in recent times. It is a way of communication between interconnected devices by sharing of information. It has brought technology at the fingertips of a consumer. Organizations are also...

A Stress Relief for the Fintech Industry with Predictive Analytics
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The financial industry has undergone numerous changes over the past decade. Most of them are attributed to big data analytics. While the banking analytics have become more relevant, new fintech solutions are being introduced to the financial...

Big Data: A Boon for Banking and Finance Sector
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Digitalization has helped immensely in ease of doing business. Every banking and financial institute has shifted to online methods for their transactions. This shift has caused huge influx of data. According to a study by IBM, 2.5 billion...

Using Data Wisely to Remain Competitive
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Karl Dahlgren, Managing Director of Research, BAI

There is a lot of buzz in the industry about using data to drive strategy, but there is an infinite amount of information out there. It can be overwhelming for financial services leaders to decide which type of data is most important for their...

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