Is AI the New Silver Bullet for Banks Today?
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Technology, particularly artificial intelligence, is shaking the banking industry. Here's how AI eliminates overdraft fees, offers guidance on wealth management, and removes privacy threats. FERMONT, CA: Banking sees a wide opportunity to...

How Data Analysis AI and ML Can Drive Tax Planning Strategy
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Using machine learning to eliminate stereotypes from the technique of tax planning lets experts learn and enhance transactions. FREMONT, CA: In many ways, even the foremost precise judgments of the tax lawyers can be inaccurate, relying or...

Technology - Accelerating Improvement in the Financial Market
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Bhupesh Vora, MD, Europe Head of CM Technology, RBC Capital Markets

2019 continued to be a challenging market environment for H1 across the street. Firms will be doubling down on the strategies and efforts that already began in 2018 and so far, for the first half of the year we are certainly seeing that. Cost...

The Road Towards the Intelligent Enterprise
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Florian Roth, CIO, SAP SE

This quote is daunting and exciting at the same time. The speed at which technology is being developed and demanded by consumers imposes immense challenges as well as opportunities for companies and their CIOs. The transformation to the...

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) - Experiences from Today, Looking Towards Tomorrow
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Jonathan Kidd, Head of Digital Operations & Robotics, Bank of Ireland

One of the constant threads of discussion on Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is the relationship between RPA and artificial intelligence (AI). In reality, RPA just covers a small part of the broad AI landscape. The presentation of AI as being an...

Analytics - The New Level Playing Field
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Manesh Prabhu, SVP & Chief Technology Officer, People’s United Bank

Even if you don’t pay particular attention to professional sports, the chances are excellent that you know about “Moneyball,” and the ever-increasing use of analytics in every significant facet of most professional sports....

Top 10 APAC Startups Reigning the Future Finance Industry
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Budding fintech startups offer upgraded products and services to address the demands of tech-savvy customers, attracting investors across the globe.   FREMONT, CA: Empowered by the numerous advantages of latest innovations, financial...

New AI Solutions Adding Value to Enterprise Business Processes
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Dinesh Venugopal, President of Mphasis

End-to-End solutions through the combination of process technology and operational knowledge is a dire need for banking institutions to meet the expectations of digital customers. FREMONT, CA: An information technology solution provider,...

AI-Powered Explainable Applications are here to Update Core Banking Systems
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For banks to have advantages over their challengers, they need to update core banking systems with leading-edge technology-enabled robust functionality.  FREEMONT, CA: A banking software company, Temenos acquires Logical Glue Ltd., a...

Fintech is shaping the Game for Small Businesses
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Fintech has unfolded a whole new world of possibilities for small businesses, and can now offer better services at a reduced price. FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and big data will transform financial services...

More Personalized Banking Experiences with AI and ML
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Digital consultants are altering the investment landscape, with AI-powered platforms streamlining banking and asset management relationships. FERMONT, CA: Fintech is one of the largest industries in which technological progress has seen...

Digitalization Making Banking Sector more Consumer-Friendly
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The digital revolution in financial services is underway and has the potential to simultaneously create a better, cost-effective and faster banking service for customers.   FREMONT, CA: Fintech has brought unparalleled disruption in the...

Finance Sectors Shifting toward Cloud with Innovative Strategies
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Companies in the transformational economic industry use the public cloud to generate more value from information, optimize machine learning, and provide company units with better instruments. FREMONT, CA: Today, the cloud is widely viewed as...

Role of Machine Learning in Finance
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The quantitative nature of the financial domain and massive availability of data sets is well-suited for ML to enhance numerous aspects of the financial industries. FREMONT, CA: Machine learning (ML) and its use cases are generally attributed...

4 Ways to Personalize AI for Financial Marketers
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In an era that is ‘digital-first,’ financial marketers need to update to newest technologies to enable personalization in real time through as many channels possible. The adoption will reduce the gap between the FinTech firms and...

Machine Learning: Uncovering the Futuristic Banking Era
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Building on the technological advancement of machine learning can provide banks with new opportunities for growth and innovation. FREMONT, CA: New technologies have already started showing how banks can get better at what they do. The...

Emerging Payment and Card Trends Shaping the European Banking Sector
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FREMONT, CA: As the technologies are shaping consumer lifestyle and behaviour, there has been a cultural shift away from the conventional payment methods that have ruled the banking industry for a long time. In recent years, the online shopping...

The AI-ML Technology Twin Upgrading the Banking Services
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FREMONT, CA: The banking institutions are at the dawn of technological transformation. Tech advancements have opened a scope to improve numerous aspects of their services and functioning. Although a vast number of inter-related technologies have...

AI and ML are Revolutionizing the Banking Experiences, See how
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FREMONT, CA: While the tech revolution tends to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, there are indications of interest and implementation in AI and Machine Learning (ML) in banking and other economic industries.  A study conducted...

The Role of AI In Fraud Detection
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Global financial surveys, researches, and reviews underline the technical vulnerabilities costing cybersecurity adversities in the financial sector. Financial cybersecurity attacks such as WannaCry, Petya scams, and other ransomware impose a...