Cloud Lending Solutions Announces Latest Software Release for the Leasing and Asset Finance Industry
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SAN MATEO, CA: Cloud Lending Solutions, a leader in cloud-based leasing software, announced major advancements to its end-to-end leasing solution, CL Lease™ for Self-Financed Lessors, Externally Funded Leases and Captives. CL Lease™ is...

Fast Forward: The Future of Faster Payments is Now
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Deborah Phillips, AAP Managing Director of Payment Strategy, Jack Henry & Associates

Faster payments is arguably one of the most important opportunities emerging on the U.S. financial services landscape. The push to bring real-time payments to the U.S. is already underway, driven by the global proliferation of real-time...

Taking Care of Business
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S. James Mazarakis, EVP & CTO, WSFS Bank

In the past, managing your technology shop was an “inside job” which consisted of well-structured procedures, strong processes and hiring the right people. All of that is still true today, however another key component has emerged:...

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