2017: New Year, Same Cyber-Security Issues
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Douglas Mullarkey, CIO & SVP, First Choice Loan Services Inc.

Welcome to 2017! It’s a new year, but we are dealing with the same old cyber-security problems. The focus this year for all CIOs should be on mitigating all cybersecurity risk for the banks we serve. Cybersecurity threats continue to grow...

The Key to Gaining and Keeping Corporate Treasury Business
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Dan Gill, CTP, Senior Director, Redbridge Analytics

In recent years, we have witnessed unprecedented changes in the core business of banking in nearly every region of the world. Decreasing spreads on interest rates and revenue squeezes due to regulatory changes particularly in the retail banking...

The Convergence of Contact and Contactless Cards adding Value with Multipurpose
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Brintha Koether, Sr. Director & GM Payments, NXP Semiconductors

Initially introduced in the 1990s through EMVCo to combat card fraud, secure bank cards with chips were contact only. The contact plated module of the card requires direct contact with a reader terminal, typically dip readers, to communicate. At...

Accenture Introduces Updates for Duck Creek P&C Software Suite
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NEW YORK, NY: Accenture unveils the latest version of their property & casualty (P&C) insurance software, Accenture Duck Creek Suite; that helps insurers transforms their business. The release focuses on new customer-centric functionality...

FaceTec®: 3D Face Authentication Software with Liveness Detection
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Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO

Offers ZoOm 3D Face Login, a patented, ultra-secure cross-platform, cross-device user authentication solution with iBeta/NIST/ISO Certified Liveness Detection

CoCoNet: Driving Financial Institutions toward Digitalization
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Björn Hassing, CEO, Product Development, Marketing & Sales

Provides banking solutions that enable clients to embrace digitalization

NASDAQ BWISE: Fostering a Risk-free Business
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Adena Friedman, President & CEO

Offers an enterprise-grade Governance, Risk and Compliance management solutions to administer all aspects of the compliance

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