Why are Financial Institutions Moving towards Edge Computing?
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With the exponential growth of technology and the expansion of banking facilities, edge computing offers a means to address and manage the distributed banking segments. FREMONT, CA: Banks and financial institutions are continually upgrading...

The Future And The Critical Role Mobility And Payment Systems
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Gurhan Cam, Digital Banking SVP & Deputy CDO, DenizBank

We are in the era of life-changing innovative products that exist on ever growing technological advancements. And for the last decade or so, financial industry has been on a transformative journey that has changed and democratized the way everyone...

Unlocking the Path to Innovation in the Banking Sector
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Antoine Larmanjat, Group CIO, Euler Hermes

The banking sector has been one of the first industries to use computers, and yet, has somehow failed to reap the maximum benefits of the internet revolution. From an IT perspective, the payment and backend infrastructure of many of the oldest and...

3 Realistic Expectations from Advanced Fraud Analytics Solutions
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Banks, faced with complicated digital security scenarios, are looking to guard their systems and customer data with analytics-based approaches.    FREMONT, CA: Banks are in the pursuit of finding feasible ways of securing systems and...

4 Ways IoT is Reshaping Retail Banking
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IoT offerings are powering banks with a range of opportunities, skyrocketing retail banking efficiency to the next level.    FREMONT, CA: Advancements in technologies have revolutionized the retail banking sector. Embracing novel...

Reinventing Corporate Banking with Blockchain
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Guilhem Vincens, Head of Change and Innovation APAC, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Trade Finance transactions form the foundation of the global financial system and strangely, the tedious, paper and labour intensive documentation process designed to minimise risk and enhance assurance has barely changed in the last century....

How Recent Technological Advancements Such as AI, Cloud, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data And AR/VR Among Others have Transformed Mobile Banking
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Ronaldi Laksana, IT Group Head - Digital & Front End Solutions, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk

Mobile Banking is no longer perceived as only a tool or just a banking app for most people. In today's digitized world, mobile banking serves multiple purposes to fulfill the financial needs of customers at different level, across generations....

Top Fintech Trends Attracting CIOs
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The ever-changing customer-centric digital age motivates CIOs to check the latest trends that can offer all-around finance business solutions with long-term benefits.   FREMONT, CA: Digital services and products are rapidly becoming...

What Must CIOs Know Before Opting for a Low-Code Platform?
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Modern low-code specifications and considerations help CIOs achieve their organization-level goal and face market challenges efficiently. FREMONT, CA: Low-code platforms allow organizations to modernize their application development tools and...

Guide to Treasury Management, Here's how Technology plays a Key Role!
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Treasury management with mitigated financial, operational, and reputational risks is now a reality with innovative technologies.  FREMONT, CA: Modern treasury involves a more interactive platform around corporate treasury and banks,...

Digital Payment Trends Re-structuring Modern Banking
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Advanced digital payment portals rule retail banking, along with transforming the traditional accounting systems with next-generation solutions.    FREMONT, CA: Technological transformation in the banking sector massively...

Fintech: Shaping the Future of Banking
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FinTech has changed the banking scenario as companies tend to fulfill the digital needs of the customers, moving towards success. FREMONT, CA: Technology and evolving customer requirements are having a dramatic effect on the way...

Top 3 IoT Use-cases Transforming the Financial Services
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IoT platforms and a shift in the design of operating systems and device architecture are some of the IoT developments expected to push the fintech sector to the next level. FREMONT, CA: On the financial services industry, the Internet of...

IoT Transforming the Value Chain, Safeguarding the Future of Banks
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Data gathered with IoT can help banks make decisions by assisting them to gain insight into the expenditure habits and funding needs of their clients. FREMONT, CA: There is no doubt, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most essential...

The New Future of Banking with IoT-Enabled Operations
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New business models and products emerge as IoT-driven digitalization starts to take root. This broadens innovation boundaries that can reshape the client experiences the financial services industry. FREMONT, CA: Advances in mobile technology...

Black Cloud, The Internet is Going Dark
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Tony Fergusson, IT Infrastructure Architect, MAN Energy Solutions

The idea of making the internet or corporate network dark has gained momentum since the introduction of Software Defined Networking (SDN). This has enabled a new concept called Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) or what some are referring to as...

The Other "Platformication" of Banking
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Alex Jimenez, VP and Senior Strategist - Program Planning, Strategy and Standards at Zions Bancorporation

Since the advent of the internet, banking has seen a great amount of change driven by technology. The pace of change quickened after the introduction of the smartphone. The last ten years have brought much more than just mobile banking. Technology...

Infusing Digital Mind Set Helps Banks to Take Advantages of Market Opportunities
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Traditional banking providers are infusing digital mindset into legacy banking culture, believing that going digital will fundamentally change them.   FREMONT, CA: Digital disruption is shaking up every area of banking. From new technology...

Tailoring Banking and Financial Services for a Progressive Tech-Driven Future
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The banking and financial services business is turning its focus toward innovation to prepare for a future that will be progressively driven by technology.      FREMONT, CA: The banking business and financial institutions...

Data and Analytics: High-Tech Revenue Generators for the Bankers
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Institutions are taking faster steps towards digital rationalization of trade financing. FREMONT, CA: For financial institutions like retail banks, insurers, investment firms as well as wealth management firms are all under pressure to deploy...