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Pradeep Ittycheria, Chief Technology Officer, Kasasa

Despite all of the recent buzz, big data isn't new. As far back as the 1880s, the U.S. Census Bureau was collecting and analyzing data on citizens. Even then, the volume of data was overwhelming. In fact, the Bureau estimated that it would...

Cyber: Facing a New Frontier of Risk
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Jason Kelly, Head of Liabilities and Financial Lines for Greater China, Australasia and South Korea, AIG

The convenience of today’s increasingly connected world has brought with it a new form of risk: cyber. With news of large-scale cyber incidents appearing every few days, businesses around the globe are finally starting to sit up and take the...

AI and How Is It Empowering Finance Industry
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Artificial Intelligence is gaining prominence with technological advancement. Innovations like chatbots, virtual assistants, have already marked their presence into a large number of mobile devices. Apart from the daily chores, AI can be...

How can AI Assist in Transforming Finance Industry
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven to be a beneficial investment mainly because of the valuable services offered under this technology. It is taking businesses to the next level, and industries are witnessing improvements in their business...

The Lag in Open Banking
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In the world of consumer banking, the Open Banking resolutions are indicators of a subtle shift. The marketplace that was long dominated by financial giants is today making way for newer agiler entities that are democratizing the industry. Open...

Open Banking will be the New Standard of Banking
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Open banking has changed the perspective of financial institutions from viewing it as a threat to recognizing its potential in achieving digital transformation. It originates from the concept of open innovation, which centers on the idea of the...

How is AI transforming the Financial Sector
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The financial industry has always been dynamic when it came to the application of new technologies: automation has been used for back office and operations since the 1960s. However, in utilizing new age AI technologies, the sector has been...

Delivering a Digital Experience to Corporate Clients
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Today, customers demand an improved and engaging experience from their banks, therefore, the way banks serve their customers needs to change and evolve. Clients want their banks to deliver real-time visibility into their financial transactions...

Sailing through Financial Disruption
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Owing to the mass adoption of new digital technologies, the financial market has changed dramatically. The banking industry has witnessed a steep increase in closing off their physical branches and is allowing customers do their banking on-the-go...

A Practical Approach to Innovation
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Mark L. Berthiaume, EVP, CIO & Chief Technology Innovation Officer, The Hanover Insurance Group

Everywhere you look, companies are working to integrate innovation into their corporate models. The most traditional of companies and industries are starting to think about innovation more and making innovation a core value of their business....

Two Disruptive Technologies that will Change the Face of Financial Services
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Sameer Kishore, VP & Global Head, Banking, Financial Services, Securities & Insurance, Dell Services

Much has been written about the global forces gathering to create a ‘perfect storm’ in the world of banking, causing unprecedented pressure on the financial system. There’s economic volatility, seemingly never-ending regulatory...

Impact of Technology on Banking and Finance Sector
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Harsh Tiwari, Chief Data Officer, CUNA Mutual Group

Traditional boundaries of Banking activity and Technology have been destroyed. Today technology is an integral part of what Banks and other financial services sell. And for those who do not, it will become a debilitating weakness! Loan, Credit...

2017: New Year, Same Cyber-Security Issues
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Douglas Mullarkey, CIO & SVP, First Choice Loan Services Inc.

Welcome to 2017! It’s a new year, but we are dealing with the same old cyber-security problems. The focus this year for all CIOs should be on mitigating all cybersecurity risk for the banks we serve. Cybersecurity threats continue to grow...

Ensuring Risk Management and Compliance in the Banking Sector
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Steven Grossman, VP of Strategy and Enablement, Bay Dynamics.

Your take on ensuring Risk Management and Compliance in the Banking Sector: This past year, we have seen an increasing amount of new mandatory compliance requirements specifically targeting financial organizations. For example, beginning in...

Big Data Revolution: Transforming Banking Operations
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Rob Thomas, VP Product Development, Big Data and Analytics, IBM [NYSE: IBM]

Dave Brailsford basked in the glow of the Olympics. The Great Britain cycling team just completed their participation at the 2012 Olympics in London, England, winning 70 percent of the medals in men’s cycling. Reporters probed with...

An Unintended Consequence of Moore's Law
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Frank Halstead, CIO, First Service Credit Union

As Moore’s Law celebrates its 50th birthday, the cumulative results of its impact can be seen everywhere. While it’s true that Gordon’s famous algorithm has required some slight adjustments over the years, its ominous prediction...

SAS Deploys Cloud Based Models to Address Big Data and Cyber Crime Challenge
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FREMONT, CA: Organizations these days are facing host of challenges. Big Data and cyber attacks have become a recurrent nightmare for the organizations, therefore to cope with these problems, the solution provider companies are coming up with...

Madison Insurance Group Announces the Availability of Pay with Q MasterCard
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TORONTO, ON: Madison Insurance Group announces the launch of a dual-modality card called Pay with Q MasterCard, usable internationally with benefits designed for both payroll and payouts. The Pay with Q MasterCard is currently available in...

Change Financial Limited: An Agent of Change in Banking
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Ash Shilkin, Managing Director and CEO

Change Financial provides consumers an innovative way to bank through an easy and secure banking application

American Deposit Management: Affordable and Revenue-generating Treasury Management
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Kelly A. Brown, CEO & Managing Partner

A deposit aggregator pioneer that offers simplified and customized treasury management solutions

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